Hi-Lo Day

Yesterday was what I call a “Hi-Lo Day”

Hi-Lo Day

It’s been busy and fulfilling but it hasn’t come without challenges.

The feeling of wanting to give up.

But realizing that you are valued for all the things you do and acknowledged for putting your talents to good use.

Having to manage constant change and stress due to circumstances beyond my control and not of my Concern, thus making me feel overly sensitive.

Having moods of happiness and joy and moments of hiding and feeling sorry for myself.

It’s just the same old battles I face even though I know not to entertain the thoughts that are unhealthy, it isn’t holding it all together sometimes

But I do it because I know it’s better than the alternatives, as they’re worse than going through the motions I know I have to do, at least for the time being.

I recognized that I experience times of autistic burnout and recovery is necessary, but it’s hard to live the same cycle week after week in the same gloom and doom while trying to keep a straight face so people don’t ask or become overly concerned.

I’m here is all I can say, doing the best I can do with whatever energy I have in me.

Tomorrow is going to be better.

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