Don’t Give Up On Food.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity through a collaboration between my day program and the local community action concern to meet with the SNAP Nutrition Educator on a 1:1 basis to discuss my health needs.

We discussed many things, some of that was about the necessity of incorporating new foods into my palate. I have to admit that I have strayed away from incorporating fruit and some vegetables into my food palate for many years due to sensitivity struggles. However, I have been reassured that it is essential to get fruits and vegetables in my diet and some amount right now is better than now.

So last night, I went to the local supercenter and decided to focus on one fruit. I struggle with some in many ways, but I found that sliced apples in a bag is what works best for me at this point. There is a possibility to get some in my food supplement this week, so we shall see and evaluate at that point, but this is a best starter.

Organic Apple Slices

I set out to have four slices this morning and realized by the third one that it was all I could manage for today. As they say in Gone With the Wind…”After all, tomorrow is another day”, so we will shoot for trying the same or a little better tomorrow. This is in concert with having a healthier breakfast and morning snack, which is the primary focus for the next few weeks, so I have time to incorporate fruits into my diet.

On our own terms and patience, it can be done, in slow and easy steps.

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