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Heading In The Right Direction

As I was thinking of something to write for my weekly feature post this week, I contemplated greatly and went back and forth on several ideas for a post for the week ahead as I usually write on the weekend before. Being a great week overall, I decided to write about just that.

What has made last week such a great week you may ask? Well there are many things and a positive mindset on things are just one of those things. Accepting that it is necessary to go through the motions and going through what I must go through in order to stay well is one of the key principles of being well. Additionally, recognizing and doing such activity that is needed to stay well including new things such as grounding, journaling, meditation, etc. has helped immensely and is starting to bring my life somewhat out of the doldrums that I have been in for a few years or so.

So what has changed to realize that this is the way to be? Well,it has been the things that those both loved ones and supporting me in my care have told me what I needed to do. Because sometimes being told sent me into a not-ok-parent-child relationship method of thinking that made become very stubborn and defy what I now realize loved ones and those that care for me were telling me that were beneficial to my overall health and yet I thought they were doing so as a way to try to control me, thus feeling as if I am the child who doesn’t get my way like a spoiled little brat.

It doesn’t mean that it has to be an all or nothing way of thinking, rather it has to become give and take to what I need to do to be well in life. It means being an adult and doing what I need to do to be well and do the things I need to do in order to be well. They aren’t meant to prove status over others or show a certain trademark about myself because its “cool” to do those things. In fact, I am finding out that each person is unique in their own way and the need to care for myself shouldn’t be any different in accepting fully who I am and the needs of my body. In fact, it may be more conceivable that I am taking care of myself and when the efforts pay off they will boost my morale and make me feel even more better, thus generating a need to continue down the right path and not revert back to the ways I was going.

It has to be in one’s mind about the choices that one has to make for themselves and taking care of their entire wellness. Doing so is helping me have a better outlook on life and seeing that there is hope and a future down the road and not living in the very dark imaginative self that I have been for a very long time because that was all my brain could think about and not focus on what I have in my life. Making improvements has helped me see that there is more in life to enjoy and see there is life beyond what I think and better days are ahead when it brings me down. I can bounce back from those negative thoughts much easier by being more able to realize the good things in my life and the positive things in a situation rather than point out all the faults with it. There is more to life than complaining about all that is wrong with it and taking advantage of the good is helping me see more happy times in life and there is life beyond what I once thought was a very dark place.

I know that this is only the beginning of things improving but starting to make better choices has started to open my eyes and see more hope down this road to independence that I am on.

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