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Wellness Wednesday: A Better Bill of Health

Last week I went to the doctor for my six month checkup. I have been aware of some things that have been needing improvement in recent weeks and have been taking little initiatives to make improvements for that to occur. Seeing the improvements actually be seen gives me the stamina to keep doing what I am doing and not revert back to old habits.

Some of those old habits like drinking extremely too much soda, overeating, all things that cause excessive weight fluctuation that I know taking medications that do cause appetite and weight gain must be closely monitored and actions must be put into place to prevent reverting the bad things from reappearing. I have realized that when I do not bring items that are detrimental to my health, I have seen an overall improvement in not only my physical wellness, but my emotional wellness as well. 

I am now a believer that this has to do with what is in the mind and the choice being totally up to the individual themselves to make. As you may have read on my blog over the last few years, I have struggled greatly with soda. The last few weeks, I have had an epiphany of realizing what service is drinking that soda doing to me? What is it proving and what is it showing others? Simply, why do I do it? It is in the mind and furthermore if it is greatly accessible to me as I continually make a habit to bring things that are detrimental to my health, then it will never improve.

I have realized that I must be the one behind the change and direction I want to take my health. As with other things on this journey of wellness I have been having for the past year or so, I too must realize what I not only need to do but what benefit it will provide me if I do the thing I need to do. Life is not a popularity contest and having things like soda are not a status symbol, but I made that way. Likewise, if I make wise choices such as incorporating more water-based beverages into my lifestyle and less of the things I have done over the past few decades, things will start to turn in a different direction. Over those same decades, they have continued to become more detrimental and making small, slow changes will start the path to a healthier me that I can be proud of instead of continually making excuses of why I need to do something.

Excuses are just that, excuses, reasons you want to avoid something because you don’t want to make that change, because in people like me, change is hard, but if you don’t think about it and do simple swaps and be more sensible as I have in the past few weeks, improvements will show and they are already doing so, thus pleasing those in charge of my medical care. I know I need to do it, not for anyone else, not for looks, but to be healthier and able to do the things that I want to do and make them enjoyable.

Nowadays,there is such a greater correlation with physical and mental health and I have several challenges now that it must be a high priority in my list of priorities that needs attention continually. Is it something I want? No! But putting things in place in order to prevent things that make my health worse is a small step in improving my quality of life and not only seeing the results, but feeling better will pay off in the long run of taking care of myself and living longer.

If it is to be, it is up to me as they say in the weight loss world and that is my new motto!

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