A Journal Entry

Sometimes you have to just fight the fears.

Sometimes you have to just fight the fears.

New Footbridge

If you have been following me on my platforms the last few weeks, you’ve heard that I have to navigate a construction zone to get to the rest of my town from my neighborhood.

While I greatly appreciate the efforts of the department of transportation for recognizing the need for considering the needs of many in my neighborhood who are pedestrians, I have been reluctant to go through the pedestrian zone over the time, as such, combined with other things in the past few years, I’ve not left my house like I did pre pandemic.

Anyway, I was in need of some things from the dollar store which is not too far, but just on the other side of the bridge. I put off going and thought about buying some things off of Amazon and waiting for the rest.

Then I realized that now on the weekends, prime delivery in many instances takes longer meaning it would be here in 3 days, not two.

I don’t know about you, but three days compared to within an hour is quite noticeable and faster.

I decided to go for it and fight my fears.

Since my last crossing earlier this week, the pedestrian detour has been rerouted to the temporary structure while the vehicular one is being replaced. This will be in place the rest of the year and it will be nice to know that we won’t be as close as we were on the old bridge to the construction crew.

Maybe I can breathe easier now and start getting more comfortable with going out more instead of being all cooped up and bored.

We shall see what happens.

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