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Reflections: Radical Acceptance

Sometimes, we have to accept things for what they are, despite thinking they shouldn’t be that way. Many times we like to be able to control the things and how they happen, however, we are in many cases not in the driver’s seat or the one who has the power to control those decisions. While we may not agree with the decision that is made for us, we must accept it for what it is because we are not in harm’s way or in immediate danger.

There are many things in my current life that I do not enjoy about the way they go. Many times, I just want to give up on them and retreat to my comfort zone because it is easier to do that than be an adult and face the music so to speak. However, I must learn that being demanding or argumentative about things that can not be fixed beyond my control many times only makes a situation more difficult and when you are told that you are the person that sometimes does this, it can be more challenging to accept.

This is when you must do your part to be properly prepared for the circumstances that you must endure  because you know already that it will be unpleasant for you to manage. Having the calming devices and defense mechanisms necessary in order for you as a person to be able to cope through the situation that you think is bad when in essence is not, just makes things a lot easier and not as stressed as you may think it could be. Essentially, in reality,it’s not that bad!

Radical acceptance is not just in the things that we do in life but in the things that we must accept as a part of what we need to take care of ourselves in life. While we know how being without something may seem so inviting in the beginning, eventually its absence can make us downright miserable. 

Part of what makes this better for us is just being the adult that we are and accepting what must be done in order to keep us well, despite what our brain may tell us or make us feel, we must know and accept the decision that it is for our benefit to do so and depriving myself of something that is meant to help us, does exactly what we should expect it to do in its absence. Yes, if we do adhere to what is necessary and the side effects may be challenging to accept and thus be hard for us to accept,  but in the end, by doing what has been proven to work should be what we want, not to be something that no one wants to be.

Because something is the way that we don’t like is not a reason to get confrontational or defy what is ordered in order to prove a point. Being negative in proving a point in order to have revenge or “get even” proves nothing than your sheer ignorance for being an adult and doing the right thing by radically accepting what is unpleasant or what is essential for you to stay well. If you should need to vent, then find your safe people to vent and bounce ideas off of so you can feel somewhat better or at ease from the pressure you are feeling as a result of the anger of your displeasure. Having quality mental health is essential these day when we are fighting an ever changing world that can be ever so difficult for us to manage. It is more than ever imperative to be well and have the radical acceptance and understand that we must do what is necessary in order to take care of ourselves.

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