Sign noting that a bridge will be closed for construction

Being Patient and Blessed

One thing I have been told about the world we live in is that everything changes. What I also have to learn is the fact that I need to be patient and things will work out in one way or another if I let it do its magic.

If you recall last Thursday’s blog post I was beginning to come with terms of how I was going to manage my way through a bridge closure near my home that began earlier this week. In the hours after that post publishing, I began to have anxiety of being able to take advantage of the opportunities that I thought I had until the bridge would become inaccessible to me for what I thought would be the summer and fall.

As I continued on my day and went to get some breakfast, as I was crossing the bridge, I began to see signs as if there was going to be a separate detour for pedestrians. Upon finishing my business that morning, I reached out to my local mayor, who has a heavy Facebook presence. He messaged me back that they had been told a full closure.

I sat in complete disappointment. I began to get in a mode of doomsday planning, thinking of how much stuff I could store that I didn’t want to have others help me with, not that I didn’t do anything wrong, I just wanted to be ready for this long term closure and plan so that I could maintain my state of wellbeing through the process.

Within an hour or so, the Mayor messaged me back stating that “pedestrians would be accommodated during the closure with the form of a temporary bridge across the creek, which he thought was amazing.” He made my day and I was so relieved! It eliminated my anxiety that had been bothering me for over a week! I was able to breathe easier and know that my independence wouldn’t be taken away this summer!  It was the best news of the week when just a few minutes after hearing this I was thinking of how horrible this summer and fall was going to be. 

Going through this experience has taught me that I need to be patient and see how things work out and not catastrophize and think how horrible things COULD be. I need to be patent and wait to see how things may work out. There is never a guarantee that they will always be in your favor, but if you are patient and do your best to advocate and ask when necessary, maybe it will work in your favor. 

In reality, there are several in my housing community that rely on their own two feet, wheels, however they navigate to get what they need to be independent and thankfully those in this situation say that by preventing those who do not have a vehicle to be severed from services that aid us in maintaining our independence by addressing it, which I am grateful for occurring. 

Now, I can enjoy the life I deserve to have without having my independence severed and worsening my mental health. I want to make this the best summer I possibly can and having the bridge access will improve that greatly. Sometimes, you just have to be patient and everything will work out in the favor that you need it to if you allow it to be.

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