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Wellness Wednesday: The Man In the Mirror

Sometimes in life, we have to see the harsh reality of ourselves and see just what we are or are not doing to ourselves and our bodies. While we honestly know what we are doing just isn’t the right thing and we have the opportunity to repair the damage, we don’t and we pay dearly for what we must go through.

Sometimes, we don’t realize the essentials of life that we must do in order to stay well, both mentally and physically. We sometimes think we can just go through life like a breeze like it doesn’t matter if we do what is necessary or what we don’t want to do, however in reality we sometimes pay for it roughly later and it can be more challenging than going through the necessary motions to be well. 

While we may think that we can tolerate what we want to do and not focus on what is necessary to us to be well, all things that we think are good come to a rough and tragic end and we pay the price for our course of action that we didn’t do. We as human beings and I particularly know that doing what I need to do is important in order to maintain being well and being able to do things outside my safe space, yet I have continued to toss the opportunity that I have to do so to the side at times, sometimes by just disregarding the fact of needing to do it or being angry that I have to do it. Regardless, I must continue to understand that the things that are necessary to take care of myself, both physical and mental, are necessities in life and need to work in tandem for me to be well.

It has been pure luck that I haven’t had more damaging effects as a result of me disregarding my need to pay attention to taking care of myself both mentally and physically. I have towed that line many times in the past almost four years but after the last few experiences, I feel like I don’t want to experience the symptoms of not doing what is necessary to maintain being well. 

Some of the things are simple and while to me they seem as if they are these really bad things that cause great harm, they really aren’t. I realize that investing the advice of my medical professionals is a necessity and my insurances are paying for their services, therefore I need to follow their orders because it is what my insurances are paying for. Not doing so is just living life in a big lie that can sometimes be hard to catch up on at times that can be very cumbersome.

Sometimes, you just have to look at the man in the mirror and see what damage you have been doing to yourself and your disregard for not taking care of maintaining / improving yourself. It helps for me to know that others are aware when things in my mental state aren’t right and that I need to get myself back on track, but it shouldn’t come to that. If wellness, in whatever capacity can be easily maintained, then it should be. 

It shouldn’t be a continual battle that doesn’t seem to end. If an element has been proven to work for decades, then it shouldn’t be fooled around with and if it isn’t, then I should be honest with those that I need to be. However, my disregard to not address things that need attending to in order to prevent any questionable behavior must occur and without feeling bad for myself as we all need to address the issues we face in order to work on them. We can’t fix something if we aren’t willing to seek assistance when I am one to be anti-stigma yet be one to hide my real problems and continue to live in the trenches of the battle without realizing what needs addressed, hopefully I am finally seeing the silver lining of what is necessary to be done in order to maintain my wellness, both mentally and physically and I am seeing that Man in the Mirror and realizing that I have to make the changes and not veer off course so I can finally live.

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