River High Bend 2022
Healthy Lifestyle, Wellness Wedbesday

Wellness Wednesday: Being Wise

This past week, I have been realizing the need to be wise and mindful of what I am consuming both in the form of beverages and food. I am losing weight and moving more during the course of the week and it has been better as well.

Sometimes it takes time for you to learn that you cannot continue down the path you are on as it is the gateway for self-destruction and self-sabotage. I have understood that being that way in my life will only inflict further strain on my body and worsen things that I need to do to improve my health. While the spring weather hasn’t been ultimately perfect, I have been able to get out of the house more along with keeping up with some of the housework that has me being more mobile and less sedentary. As such, progress has been made in working towards losing weight to some degree and while it hasn’t been perfect, any progress is indeed progress.

What I have learned when making changes from removing habilts from my daily regimen is that I simply cannot be specific or broadcast what I am going to do to others. While this may be a proven way for many to be accountable to themselves, it simply puts me under pressure and as a result when things do not work in the way that they should, I become critical of not being successful.

The same can be said for when I show up for the weekly weigh-in and I am not given the result I think I should have. I get angry with myself and just don’t want to try to be responsible for the outcome that the scale provided me. While I do understand that I have to be accountable and keep on track, I must learn that I have to be responsible as well and not give into an all-or-nothing frame of mind nor can I self-sabotage myself for failure.

It has to come with how our mind is driven to want to do something. If we want to lose weight, and see how we are in the present moment, then we will work towards that goal. I know for a fact being active and less sedentary has proven greatly for me to lose weight. I realize when I am out of breath more easily that I am struggling more than when I am at a peak point of my health. That’s when I need to work on turning things around for the better because I know I need to do so.

Being low-key about my weight loss efforts has seemed to point things in a better direction. I can seem to navigate better around the community than I have in the past. I am able to do things better than I once did . While I realize that I do indeed need to work on my weight, I must also not be critical of body image and be proud of the body that I have, Improvements will happen, however the don;t happen overnight and while I must understand the need for them to occur, I want them and must be the driver behind them occurring in my daily life.

I must learn to be wise about what I am doing, yet not be critical of when things do not go my way or when things take a worse turn. I must learn from what I did and move on to improving myself in the manner that I see that I need to take care of myself. I know that this weight didn’t come on overnight and it won’t come off overnight and like all other things in my recovery journey, I must work on giving myself grace of how far I have come at being at my highest weight and never to get  to that point I was over a year ago.

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