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Wellness Wednesday: Keeping The Push

The last week has been very fruitful on the wellness front. With a combination of my internal fear of COVID diminishing along with spring coming in the last week, factors have provided for being not only more active physically, but more involved in my community as well.

However, as last week’s article was published, I had realized the fact that when I have the intent of engaging in physical activity that oftentimes it results in me being in a hurry for that destination, thus having myself being quickly exhausted. After experiencing the fact that this was an issue for me, an adage my mother learned from one of her high school teachers was that “accuracy is key, speed will follow.”  With that adage in mind, it has given me a new mindset about first working on being able to walk the whole distance then focusing on not stopping at the benches along the way, then eventually working on speed . 

While I know more than likely that if I continue the mindset that I can be more active and work at overall wellness goals that I may have in life, being consistent is a key factor in making sure that I will progress in my journey without regressing back to where I was. I remember when I first started getting back on the trail consistently in 2021 that I made the statement that “I wouldn’t even make it to the outhouse.”. That is a couple of hundred yards and just past where the side trail front he parking area joins the main trail. The first time in 2021 I made it a half mile downriver. This year, a little less, because winds and weather were a factor in that process. Regardless, being consistent and realizing that my daily life in things that are not a race are not that and taking my time to get places is OK if I have the time to do so.

Since being in my new home for almost a year and a half now primarily because of fears of getting COVID, not having conducive weather for walking along with not having confidence were all reasons that I would not get back out and explore the community I reside in and love. Prior to the bottom falling out in my first independent situation, then COVID occurring for years alongside relocating to a different, although similar neighborhood, it was a big change to accept. My new home takes more effort in getting to places in my community than the first and until recently I felt more comfortable not putting forth the required effort it takes to get places than it did previously. It  has made me realize that if the opportunity presents itself to get out there, then by all means I should do it as a means of being physically active. Sometimes it takes us to see things in a different perspective to motivate us to do something to make us feel good, and in this experience this is how I needed to see things so I could have the best of both worlds at my disposal.

Part of this will be being more comfortable when the weather is conducive to doing so, taking advantage of the opportunities and being more active whether that is on my own or with others. I cannot let what has kept me held hostage in my own home continually because before you know it, winter will be here. I have so many talents and they shouldn’t be wasted within just my own house when in reality I will progress on my overall wellness goals. Sometimes we have to come to reality and see that we cannot push ourselves too far as we think we can do so much, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up our mission to get out and do the things that we know are beneficial for our mental and physical wellness.

Just because it isn’t something that is done in the form of an event doesn’t mean that you have to give up your love for it. Part of that is getting out and loving your community facet of your life can mean that while you are not competing in a competition, you can still show love for what you are passionate about, in my case the bike trail. A goal that you set doesn’t have to be done in the sight of others, it can be a personal goal that you may want to achieve slowly and not be under pressure and compromise the risk of additional anxiety. When you achieve that goal on a personal level, it is yours to be in the spotlight on your terms and share how you wish. No one can take that away from you.

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