West Yough Boardwalk March 2022
Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Sense of Freedom

Being independent comes with a sense of freedom, From how we choose to decorate, buy, wear, our routines, our interactions, our involvement and so much more. What also comes with freedom is an equal amount of responsibility to carry out that freedom. In order to maintain optimum independence, both must be maintained sensibly.

Having experienced a sort of rumspringa in my first independent experience did not prove well. Maybe I wasn’t well equipped, but seeing the bottom fall out from it with a combination of things that were and were not my responsibility gave me the understanding of what is acceptable versus what is not. With independence comes freedom, that is for sure. However, it requires being sensible and optimal for what is decent and what is not.

Having this responsibility comes with the ability to maintain all the things that you want to do. It requires effort on your part to make sure that your home is in a livable condition so that should emergencies arise and others need to access your home, it can be completed with ease. Growing up in a hypercritical household for the majority of my life was the primary cause of why the bottom fell out probably in the first experience in combination of not taking care of myself properly. Although some events were not my responsibility and as a result were traumatizing within their own circumstances, it has made me more conscious of the need of maintaining my own standard of living.

Besides cleanliness, there also comes other norms by making sure that you take care of yourself mentally and physically. These can be harder to accomplish, especially if you have deficiencies in these areas, but if you are proactive and tackle the issues head on, it will resolve itself. In all three areas the need to utilize necessary auxiliary aids such as reminders in both technological and hard paper forms where the latter may need to be displayed within the confines of your home should carry no shame. It is your home and if it is essential in maintaining your independence, then you are the only one that has to be acceptable with it being displayed unless it poses an issue should you live with others. It has been proven more than ever that taking care of yourself is crucial and there should be no shame in needing to do what is necessary to make sure that is being followed through.

An additional sense of freedom when being independent is having a financial sense. It should be wise to have an understanding of your finances at all times so you are aware of any issues that may arise. You do not want to be blindsighted with a lack of funds to maintain independence. Part of this sense of freedom is the ability to make sensible and sound choices on what to spend your funds on. You must outweigh whether a need is warranted or is it just something you want because it is nice. Making sure that you don’t run out of funds is critical and not having money set aside in the event of an emergency are two of the biggest pitfalls when not ensuring that you are financially sound to be independent.

While all of the aforementioned things can sound scary, it took me a long time to be in a good spot with this. It had to take me to have the bottom fall out and get back on my feet, amid a pandemic, which is no small feet besides being autistic and having mental health challenges. Regardless, being able to be wise about your sense of freedom is a imperable factor of being independent.

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