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Wellness Wednesday: Why I Need to Care

As many know, losing weight has been an ongoing battle for decades. I know that I love my body for what it is, but I need to work on losing weight not from a standpoint to impress anyone, but as a means of improving my health. I am the only one that I will be doing it for which means that I am the only one behind the change.

Living in a world where I have regressed deeply because of the prevalence of COVID in the world and my worries about staying in the house. The weather earlier this week had been nice and I had been able to get out for a few days. Once to the grocery store and the other time to McDonald’s. Now one would be quick to judge why a person would go to those places. I have to tell you that doing so is a way of getting out of the house in an environment for the past year and some change that all I’ve known is my apartment and limiting myself from walking out of fear and anxiety.

SInce making progress over the last few months and discovering that I am not alone and have the support of others no matter what trial or tribulation  that I am going through. I understand the need to take care of my body somewhere in the priority chain. Although I went to establishments that contained food, it was not the primary reason for doing so. It was being able to get out and do something that got some activity in the process. 

I did have some food when I went to McDonald’s, but I chose to have more dignified portions rather than the biggest sizes available which was an improvement. Additionally, I didn’t gourd my food, rather I chose to take my time and enjoy my surroundings and be patient for my food as the workers seemed to be overloaded. 

As a result, when I got on the scale about five hours later at my weight loss support group, I had a loss on the scale, thus keeping up with my plan to remain “in the black for 2022. 2021 was a good year for losing weight and gave a glimpse that reaching the highest weight in my life, losing over 30 pounds but reluctantly putting on about 20 or so of it  on before years end proved to me that I need to be consistent in my weight loss efforts and not see it as a battle, but rather as a way to set priorities and take care of what I need to be well overall, and not continually be critical of what I weigh.

Weight is more than a number. Although not having any red marks in my weight chart at the support group is nice, looking besides the numbers can prove the fact that if I put my mind to it, improvements, no matter how small can be made. It is said that when it comes to losing weight that 90% of putting forth the energy comes from the mind. It means that I have to be in the driver’s seat of what I am letting pass my lips or deciding to leave or take care of my home. This can be proven in efforts when getting those smaller portions from places like McDonald’s and choosing to actually sit and enjoy your meal instead of being in a rush to enjoy it. 

Being passionate about taking care of yourself and working at being there to support others is doing what you can to help others in the same boat. That means being a part of  my weight loss support group too and putting my talents where I can, such as producing the monthly newsletter.. It also means encouraging others in the same arena when they do well at the scale and supporting them when they need to be encouraged by doing what is needed. Even if it takes a few minutes to get those words of encouragement out to someone, it can mean the world to them in a world that seems to be against them at every turn. It never costs anything to be kind and supportive to someone!

I also have to realize that although I put a lot of weight on my body over the past two decades, primarily because of the cause of appetite through several medicines that I am on, that is not going away and I must accept the fact that I need to put the 90% it requires to good use and use it to make wise choices instead of not thinking properly. While realizing what reality needs to be, I cannot be hard on myself for the years that I didn’t take care of myself, but instead be kind to myself and put the mind to use making better choices.

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