Kooser Beach House in 2014
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Recognition Pays

Continuing on this personal growth journey as it ever evolves personally has made me become a well-rounded person in the effects of the many facets that I represent. Part of that has been the ability to accept who I am overall, not just who I want to be, I am learning that I can be who I want to be while understanding and recognizing the need to properly care for myself in the process.

Accepting myself for all facets of who I am hasn’t been easy. Intertwining it with the resurgence from where I was over three years ago to where I have been has been a journey within itself. Even growing more as a man from the point of being awarded as a leader in mental health recovery almost five years ago. Even at that point while I had done alot of the public eye to be recognized, yet I was struggling in my personal journey and within the next year I had moved on my own and as a result while I was attempting to start to be who I somewhat knew who i wanted to be, I was on sort of other journey of under the impression that I didn’t need things that I now know finally are proven to work. I had to accept the fact that these tools are essential to my mental health recovery and will more than likely be a lifetime tool.

Accepting that and realizing that I can have the benefits of the many facets that I identify as has been a learning process. Doing so has put me in a really good spot mentally and made me more proud, accepting and validating of who I am. Accepting and knowing so has made me feel comfortable to be who I am and represent myself not only in my personal identities, but as a member of the community I live in.

Being able to accept myself for who I am in concert with being well has paid off in dividends. I am able to focus my attention to the things that I am passionate about not only on the broad platforms such as the things about my personal journey but those that are involved in my community as well. Having the ability to be in a good place mentally has given me the opportunity to cordially perform many capacities and talents that I am passionate about. Doing so has brought myself to the attention of those in oversight capacities. While I often want to shy away from any of the recognition from the things that I do on a smaller scale, it honestly makes me feel good that in recent years and more so in the past few months that I have been able to bounce back from adversity not only in the public eye, but making that work alongside my personal journey as well

Having this recognition is not about all the attention, but it comes with knowing the importance of the need to maintain my overall wellness so that I can continue to have the ability to do all the things I do without anything falling by the wayside. My brain is wired with so much possibility to be an asset and have the ability to maximize my talents to good and healthy uses. One of the most rewarding things is that knowing of the things that I am doing has the capacity of having an effect on what I am intending to do in whatever capacity I am in during that given moment.

Being able to accept who I am overall and the ability to overall care for myself and know when a break is needed when working altogether has aided in the entire process of being able to be my best and be of optimal capacity. It has taken me a long time to finally have so many facets of my life grounded and in good order that in return it has made me always want to see what the next step will be. Sometimes I have to learn to take it slow and just live life the way that has been intended for me because I have not everything together or have been in this good of a place hardly ever in my life. I have confidence that what I am doing is the right thing and in the end it will pay off in whatever form that may be.

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