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Wellness Wednesday: Making Strides

Following up with the explanation of my journey of personal growth has made me realize the need to be well along with acceptance, discovery and growth. While I have grown into  a man that knows what is acceptable versus what is not acceptable in the public eye, I realize in order to represent myself properly, I must be overall aware of my total wellness in doing so.

One of those things was the inattention to making sure I was actually taking care of myself in the forms of appearance. This has been something I have been struggling with since I have been a teenager. However, I am learning as I am in this recent journey that it doesn’t take much to take care of the appearance of your body and it can be fun and rewarding as well.

I know that it is something that has needed to be routine and as a young man being in a residential treatment facility, the importance of following a morning routine has been instilled in my brain. Likewise, when I transitioned from there to my parents home, many of the concepts were modeled, but eventually fell through because of the clash of how my parents and I communicated. It is something I realized now that I cannot blame them for as they tried their best to try to instill. As a result, I would regress in my ability to personally care for myself and the battles would ensue of what needed to be done.

Regardless of my body structure physically, I have always understood the importance of taking care of it. I followed through on medical appointments and routine testing and addressed whatever issues needed to be addressed through routine testing and other necessary methods as ordered by those in charge of my care, yet I still lacked on what could be seen from the outside and sometimes I could hear the ill remarks being made by those around me.

Just as I have been on this journey of personal growth in recent weeks, I have accepted the need to take care of myself and look presentable. It not only benefits my body, but in return it makes me feel better about myself and makes me want to put myself out there because I am more confident in doing so. As such, I am more confident in taking pictures of myself and posting them to my personal social media accounts along with my public platforms because I can feel confident that doing so will not result in personal backlash.

Although the ability to do things in person has lessened in recent years, I now embrace the opportunity of heading out and doing things where others will be present. Being more cognizant of the need to address my personal care makes me want to make sound and better judged choices about how I am presenting myself in the public eye and to be proud and accept myself for who I am without any doubts. People are going to look or say what they are going to say, I just know that I have cordially stood my ground and know that I have the right to fight it or not.

Now I have to this point as someone who is autistic and other challenges haven’t always been easy but it has been better because I am now to the point that I am developing a better concept of knowing what I need to do to stay well. Knowing that included the ability to know how to adjust the things needed to care for myself to my sensory regulation such as the shower, choice of clothing, etc.  Sometimes it just takes literally testing the waters or trying things to see what is able for you to manage physically. In my new home, for example I have been here just over a year and I have finally got down to the concept of what my daily routine of caring for myself entails. I realize that it is important to continue to follow through, because that is why it is called a routine. Doing so will make it more habitual and it will be ingrained in my internal brainwork.  I know that has a positive effect on my overall well being and makes me want to be proud of who I am by making me a happier, presentable person. Doing so also makes me be able to appear as the intelligent person that I am and that I can represent the communities that I serve.

As the course of the world changes, I will continue to grow. Personally, I know I have so many ways to grow in all the dimensions of wellness. Some of those needs may be challenging to approach, but realizing the need to care for myself by being presentable will aid in the process of making me feel good about myself.

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