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Life Isn’t Perfect

As much as we want it to be, life doesn’t go exactly as we plan it to be. The world is not a perfect place and life is going to throw wrenches in it. We are going to get frustrated when things don’t go our way or happen the way we don’t think they should. However, that doesn’t mean that the world is over or horrific, you pick up the pieces and move on.

Many times in life we want to have good intentions when we want to do something. We also know that we are to do something in life and many times can give our best effort when trying to see it through. Sometimes, roadblocks are put up in our way that prevent us from matching that perfectionism that we determine to have. When this happens, we cannot beat ourselves up over the things that we didn’t do. We must remedy whatever is broken or what is not perfect and move on.

It can be hard to accept things that do not happen to plan. This can be true when something that is to happen according to routine and it does not go that way. Throughout my life this has happened to me and gradually it has gotten better for me as time went on. However, there are still times in my life that things do not go the way I want. Whether they are due to the effects of others or it is my fault, I know that if it happens, I realize that more than likely what I attempt to do to remedy that fault may very well not become successful in having a quick fix. As much as many of us that experience challenges wish for this to happen, there will be many times in life that it will not be possible.

Then there are the times in the silver lining when things work to plan. They make the initial discussions of frustration seem senseless when things work out be. I had one of these situations this week with my weekly payroll, when I missed the deadline of submitting my hours for last week, however a company wide delay occurred, so things worked out and I got paid with my fellow employees, which was one of those fortunate times that happened in my life. I happen to have many of those instances. Sometimes they go unnoticed, sometimes I see them and when I do, I am forever grateful.

However, when having more luck than not, it can be difficult when the times get rough to accept the challenges that it brings to the table. Nonetheless, I have learned over the years to adapt to the changes that become hard to accept. It isn’t easy sometimes and that initial sense of frustration can bring a front that can be difficult to see through its initial harshness. In that sense of frustration, you may not stop and think what you know is true and have a period of initial thinking where it is flawed and does not contain thoughts that are true.

Lately, for me, reframing these thoughts, even though they may occur after the fact that I may express my frustration for something not going the way according to plan or the way I think without considering it from different angles can seem harsh by others who are unfamiliar with my thinking process. Luckily the skill of reframing has become easier to manage these thoughts, although having an overall more positive mindset has aided me in this process when for many years this just wasn’t possible due to me unwilling to change my way of thinking.

Reframing has been a big factor in better getting a hold of myself and not letting things that aren’t perfect in life become better managed and lessen my chances of becoming frustrated or angry when things aren’t perfect or go according to plan. There are things in life that I cannot change once knowing about them or when they occur that can be easily remedied. You have to go with the flow sometimes and I know as an autistic person that can be difficult to do. It isn’t easy to do sometimes, but it is something that is learned with practice that once mastered makes things go smoother.

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