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The Importance of “Me” Time

As I am writing this blog post, I am doing so on my scheduled mental health day. What I once thought was something silly, then when I originally scheduled one almost two years ago that turned tragic finally after a very long time has come to fruition. With the ability to understand that things that are part of my normally scheduled routine are on what I think is a schedule, I am learning that they can wait on a day like today.

It comes with acceptance that you need to allow for times when things don’t go according to plan. Twas the night before and I fell asleep several times in the evening only to awake around midnight to discover that I had yet to take my evening medicine. I wanted to not take it for a little bit, knowing that I had nowhere to go until the afternoon and could experience mania. But was it worth it? Sitting and thinking for a moment I decided to take it and while I did sleep in, I knew it was the right decision to make. Yes, I did fall asleep in short order and slept in, but not to the manner that I would have if I would have to start the regimen again the next day. I accepted the fact that some things don’t have to be done according to plan.

I got up and took a nice hot shower without the bathroom light on (a nice luxury as I have natural light in my bathroom.) Followed by just fixing up a nice breakfast for myself of bacon and eggs, then doing the dishes. Some of the things that I am thankful to have. Working on myself also means journaling, following my self-care plan and working on catching up things in my WRAP binder. Some things that I have an insight of seeing over the past few weeks that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to.

Realizing that I needed to take care of my mental health is one of the important things I could have done for myself. While I may have had good intentions years ago. I now realize more than ever that it is a necessary caveat to have under my toolbelt. With the one day a month also comes the need to have quarterly weeks. I know of professionals in the field that are in the profession of helping me practicing this method. I, as one who has a host of mental health challenges along with being neurodivergent, must realize that I am not exempt from this need of self-care. Just like having a self-care plan just to get through the day, we must be aware that we as human beings regardless of whatever challenge we face must understand that we can only be tolerable of so much before we break down.We must realize that we have to treat ourselves to something once in a while so that we can be around for those that love us and care for us or may need our care because as I stated earlier this week, I oftentimes co-regulate with my mother and realize when something isn’t right that I need to take care of myself too so I do not bring her down with me or vice versa.

Sometimes doing these things means that you have to make some people mad because you are not there for their needs or to answer their beck and call. Sometimes it means that others have to carry the load of others. You as a human being should also work in concert with others to ensure that your teammates or other colleagues have time to themselves too and likewise, if you are able, should help carry their load when they are in need. It is that need of mutual support that should be expected to make life a harmonious workplace or other similar environment that you need to support each other. In anything you should do, it is important to collaborate when you need the time off for yourself so that everyone is on the same page. While you don’t have to specifically disclose that you are taking a “mental health” day. It should be respected that when you have time and are permitted to do so, that you do because there is no health without mental health and you as a human being cannot function without the ability to first and foremost take care of yourself.

As I plan to continue to take care of myself this mental health day, I would hope that others would consider the needs of others to practice self-care by allowing others to do so. You must be able to take care of yourself and others on a full tank of energy and sometimes it takes time to recharge to get to that point.

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