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Wellness Wednesday: Need More Than Want

As promised in Monday’s Adulting Post, I would specify greater with the need to have foods that I can control, rather than want to do it. While it can be hard to reprogram a body to learn new habits, it gets to the point that you realize that is more needed than wanted.

It isn’t to figuratively digest the facts, literally that are being delivered. It is my common belief that many of the foods that I have been eating over the years are wreaking havoc on my digestive system, which is a common trait in autistics. I know it is common, yet over the past few months I continue to eat these foods that I know are issues on my system and get the same unpleasant result each time. I have recently come to terms that focusing on what my body can digest rather than what it can’t obtain value from is more needed than wanted.

I guess it is in some ways a hereditary thing, as my father has similar issues that ultimately lead to him being diagnosed with celiacs disease. I don’t think my sensitivity issues to food go that deep, but there are certain items, typically prepared in kitchens where I do not have control that flare ups occur and become unpleasant overall. I don’t like to experience the symptoms, yet I know it is in my control to work on what I am putting in my body that helps rather than hurts me.

I think these issues have been happening for some time, yet I am in denial because I had loved many foods that caused the issues, rather, I just dealt with the effects, however, when the effects become inconvenient to daily living or become exhausting to one’s life, you have to put your feet down and face facts. Sometimes the idea of giving up your favorite foods to feel better isn’t what you want to hear, but it is something that you must realize in order to continue to have some sense of normalcy in your life without minor interruption.

Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to be able to attend a seminar on how eating affects behavioral health as well. There were tell-tale signs of what needed to be improved and how consuming some things have an effect on the medication that I am prescribed. While the medication has some effect on my overall feelings, when certain foods are consumed that work in the opposite way of the medication, the medication has to work harder to keep that balance and may not be able to keep up the load, thus meltdowns and outbursts can happen. I have seen this before when I over-caffeinated one day and there were too many triggers taking place and the coke-can affect happened and I had a really bad meltdown that made me really see the need to tone down the caffeine consumption, especially when leaving the home where environmental factors may not be able to be controlled.

The same thing applies to both physical and mental health issues and how food affects one’s well being. If it is hurting you, why continue to do it? I guess I am finally tired of inconveniences and continual struggles that I face when battling items that can be controlled by simple changes in what I eat or drink so that I am well. We may not see the result right away, but in the end it pays off.

The same can be said for medicinal maintenance. For the longest time I was a believer that skipping some medicines wouldn’t have an effect on me at first. I would experience the symptoms of my mental health, show their true colors and hide the fact of not following a regimen with my supports. Deep down they knew that I wasn’t truly being my genuine self. In the beginning of the cycle, I felt normal and wouldn’t be able to settle down or get into a state of shutdown, the mania would commence and eventually all the symptoms I know are warning signs would take place. I would have to return to the medicine at the next interval and it would be harder to recover. Now being on a solid regimen for over two weeks now, I am seeing the effects of being on medication fully slowly pay off by me being able to be the person I left three years ago. It hasn’t been easy to accept that at times, but I know in the end, the medicine helps me more than hurts me. 

More about the medicine tomorrow.

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