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Wellness Wednesday: A Final Wake-Up Call

Monday night was one of those days. It was the usual Mondays, off to work a stop at the day program to check in and then later in the afternoon to TOPS. TOPS, short for Take Off Pounds Sensibly, has been in existence for over 70 years and has a mission of being a non-profit and helping people Take and eventually Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.

I have been a member since 2006 when I suggested to my mother that we go for my need to lose weight. Thinking sadly in the course since that November night in 2006 and this past March I gained almost 90 Pounds. Thankfully, I have seen my health decline and being vaccinated knew I needed to return back to the chapter after a year’s absence since COVID. One of the nicest things about TOPS is that everyone that is working on losing their weight starts fresh at the beginning of the year. As such, I wasn’t penalized for the gaining of the weight of almost forty pounds  

Many times, I struggle with getting to the meeting, and if I haven’t befriended some true ladies and some guys too, I probably would have kept going . However, I know I need to be accountable to that scale and fellow members as we make it a team effort and support each other in our weight loss journeys,

I gained a pound in a week but I am now at exactly 20 pounds lost from my highest weight this year when I returned after being gone due to COVID pandemic shut down and apprehension. It makes me realize how I need to keep fighting the weight loss battle so I can become a division winner at least in chapter because it’s been a goal for me all year.

A big issue that I think can help with progression of weight loss is the need to ditch the soda for good. I know some people have heard me say it time and time again, but it’s for real this time (although I’ve said that a time or two.) 

For me, soda is a really bad addiction. Mixing up with medicines/lack of medicines to help with my Autism/Mental Health Conditions only decreases the ability for me to control my behavior when needed to be able to articulate the appropriate words and knowing to walk away from triggering situations. I have come so far in my journey that when I am unable to control my emotional thoughts, it looks as if I have reduced myself to a spoiled little brat and makes me feel really embarrassed about what I’ve done.

In the past few years, they’ve been a rollercoaster of things, then understanding the need to be regimented with medicine, then after a incident the need to cut back and now still experiencing emotions after even attempting to cut back it made me realize no matter how much i want a soda no matter what excuse i want to make for having one, I just can’t do it anymore. My reputation, my career, my livelihood, my independence is all on the line if I don’t nip this in the bud once and for all .

I need to get it out there because I struggle with soda so bad and I have tried many times to give up but I had sort of an epiphany yesterday that I just need to stop the addiction once and for all while I’m in my 30s before I get any older and still have a good bit of my life left. I know the next few weeks aren’t going to be pleasant for me but I have to do it once and for all for my health.

To find out more about Official TOPS Club Inc., visit http://www.tops.org

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