Five Star Bridge
Union Station Weekly

Union Station News; Volume 1, Issue 4; July 14, 2021

Note: As part of my Day Program, I contribure to the program’s newsletter. In june 2021, that Newsletter transitoned to a monthly basis as much of the elements of the program are back to a in-person status.

My Second 5K Walk was a wake-up call to be more positive

spent Independence Day participating in another 5K Walk. This time it was in Greensburg at Lynch
Field. As the course was unknown, I experienced a heightened amount of anxiety days before that made being around me unpleasant, especially to the ones that love and support me.

I get anxious about everything that is new or different to me. What I see as a challenge is often mplified to the point I am in a severe state of fear where I am severely crippled by the rumination of thoughts constantly brewing in my head thinking of whatever obstacle I have to face is going to be this really bad thing,

When I do things that are new to me, it causes a great deal of anxiety that produces a lot of transmitters that produce an excessive amount of adrenaline and cortisol and make me very worked up.

Me finishing the 5K in under an hour

Sometimes if I don’t express my feelings in a proper manner, I will act out improperly, which, in the eyes of my peers and others, can seem very childish as if I am a spoiled little brat. I now realize that at 36 years old that it is time to grow up and fight these anxieties and that they can be mostly helped by utilizing the techniques that I have learned in therapy over several years and putting them to use. This includes proper coping mechanisms and devices such as grounding techniques and using appropriate devices such as headphones, when appropriate.

After acting out, which in reality was because I wasn’t mindful of my overall health, was pointless because the next day the outcome of participating in the race was very beneficial to me because it proved in short order that I can do anything I can set my mind to.

What was known was that course would be tougher in the beginning and once I climbed the top of that one and only big hill, a gentleman told me that the rest if the course would be level or downhill from there. It gave me the drive, inertia, and stamina needed to overcome my obstacles on the trail and make it my best time thus far this year. I finished in about 58 and a half minutes, beating my time of the other 5K I walked this year by three minutes. It was a proud honor to bestow and I was second in my age group too, which also cheered me up.

By seeing this outcome, it made me realize that I don’t need to bank so much time in dwelling on what could happen , rather I need to live life to the fullest and take on the challenges that I am presented with and perform them to the best of my ability because I am certain that I can do exceed the expectation set forth to me.

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