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Wellness Wednesday: One Last Time, Hopefully It’s for Real

It has been 12 weeks in my new weight loss journey and I have lost 27 pounds officially and teeter totter around 30 at given times. This part of blogging has become one of my enjoyable parts of my weekly writings. Things thus far have been going well in the wellness department. We have leaned lessons and shared out fair share of gripes over the past few months. But I am proving that I can work on bettering my body and people are seeing my progress as it shows and I am seeing a little of it too.

Now I have talked about my soda addiction on and off on my blog for some time and I have to admit until three days ago I have had a real bad addiction and I knew it. From the moment I woke up in the morning I had to have that rush of caffeine. It led my life in what I did in my life in every given moment, what I had with my meals. It became addictive as it is and challenging at the same time.

However, as in the title of this week’s Wellness Wednesday, I hope the last time I gave up the soda is the last time and I do hope It is for real.

I abruptly gave up soda this past Saturday, it was by choice as it wasn’t coerced. I have seen a peer at my day program drinking more water and realized that I was long overdue to need to start to follow habit. While I have lost 27 pounds, I do have to realize that the soda will be detrimental eventually in slowing my progress or even losing at some point. Not to mention the toxins that soft drinks have in them that I know that absolutely not good for me by any means. There’s a host of YouTube videos out there that support this evidence and I know that it needs to be done and that’s the ultimatum that I need to have.

I thought given the excessive amount that I had been drinking that I would experience massive headaches, but I didn’t. I followed the advice of several medical professionals by replacing the caffeine with sugar by small amounts and it seemed to be working. Flavored water became my friend this past weekend. I even went to a fast-food restaurant this past weekend and while I did have a dairy treat, I did not have that humungous treat. Likewise, the next day, I ran into the convenience store to get some things and my go to in that location is the soda machine, but I didn’t even look at it. I did get a diet tea to have when I went home from there, but I know my body will thank me for not putting those elements in my body.

Reality struck the other night at weight loss support group when we were given water bottles as a favor from the group at our spring meal. It prompted me to make my testimony that I had not drank any soda in what was at the time three days, which was a big accomplishment. I was congratulated, I know that I have to become accountable to my support group as they have been supportive throughout this journey and I need to be there for them too. I also realized this morning, that I have said and done this before. However, I may have snuck some soda in when lying and saying that I wasn’t drinking. Its sad, I have prayed for forgiveness in that because I know that now my mind is in the right place and that I need to do it to prove to the hundreds of supporters that I have that I can do it and truly work on wellness goals.

For any autistic person such as myself to give up on something that is sort of a comfort food or drink, like soda was to me for so long is going to be a challenge. Change can be especially hard for the autistic mind to grasp and I must give myself the grace that I have been willing to just stop drinking something I was constantly seeking out day in and day out by whatever means necessary. This is my time to shine and I hope that I can be a inspiration to the several hundred that follow me in my journey. I know I need to support my supporters because they have supported me for so long in my journey. Once I spend the next several days in retraining of my brain I know it will become difficult, but I know it is a necessary change that must be brought forth and if it doesn’t happen now, it will have to happen eventually.

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