Happiness is…

This week, I have been going through some personal struggles and as such reached out to one of my support workers for wisdom, my one support worker I reached out to in my time of struggle has been encouraging for over a year to remain consistent with blogging and it has developed to the weekly series we have today on here. However, he suggested that for my open topic this week that I share with my community what I define happiness as, since I have been struggling with it a lot recently and a sense of belonging.

So here it goes:

Happiness Is

  • Being free of constant distraction
  • Not being antagonized
  • Associating with those I ant to, free of judgement, manipulation, coercion, guilt, strongarming, or power driving me to do so.
  • Wearing what I want without judgement or chastisement from others.
  • Being able to read as I like
  • Being able to go for a walk without being in fear or go where I want to go.
  • A good song with a good beat that cheers me up.
  • When someone encourages me for wearing something that defines who I am.
  • When you have someone that supports your individuality and stands up for who you are.
  • When you get up, use the bathroom and get on the scale and it is the best so far
  • When it is time for the mail, you open the mailbox and there’s mail in it.
  • When you cook something and its cooked the right way and it tastes good.
  • When you take your medication and accept that is the right thing to do.
  • Being able to have a safe space without judgement, antagonization or fear.
  • Being able to buy something without fear, judgement, criticism or other manipulation,
  • When you are living without fear, anxiety, fear of being judged or other action that makes you uneasy
  • The ability to make someone laugh about a completely unrelated thing.
  • The ability to have to make my own decisions without being forced to do something that is coerced, manipulated, forced, strong armed, pressured, or guilted into.
  • The ability to be accepted for my uniqueness and individuality and have like friends who accept me for who I am.
  • The ability to advocate for myself and those in need without getting in to trying to “cure” them or fix their problems
  • To understand my boundaries as a human being and learning how to get out of something because it is an issue and appropriately speak up.
  • Taking a shower, a life essential, but important fo0r my mental health recovery
  • Having clean clothes, even if that means taking time off from doing other things, I want to do them.
  • Having a mental health day at least once a month because I need it, NO meetings, NO Clubhouse, just ME time.
  • Taking pride in my home and my community by showing that I truly care for them and by being a productive member of society.
  • Being Loved for who I am, regardless of what others may think, regardless of their differences, being kind to me is all I ask.

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