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Wellness Wednesday: Progress Shows

This week on the wellness front has been trying, but not without its benefits. We’ve been serious about everything healthy for eight weeks now. In that time, I have built up to walking over three miles for exercise, been mindful when eating and have lost 21 pounds in that timeframe. It has also taught me not to take things for granted such as essentials we need for life like comfort, water and food.

I have been fortunate to have been as consistent with losing 21 pounds in eight weeks, its hard for the average person to do that. I have never in my adult life lost that much weight in that short of a time period. As such at my weekly weight loss support group, I have received awards for ten pounds lost, Mr. Inspiration, and this week eight week no gain. It makes me feel good, but I have known that I have needed to follow this track for some time.

What had got to the breaking point was when I couldn’t go in public to shop without being in pain and out of breath, mask mandates complicated that issue. I had put off going back to the weight loss support group for several months until I became vaccinated. While the weekly support group is the total reason for me restarting my inertia to get back on the wagon, so to speak, it put me in the driver’s seat because I need that accountability to someone other than myself that I am being mindful of what I am doing on a consistent basis. Other things, I have picked up as I go. Essentially, I have been in the support group for many of years now and have a plethora of information that I have picked up as well as the national bi-monthly magazine that is a help as well and is a inspiration along with the private Facebook groups, which when I report to them every few weeks, they make me feel good by congratulating me for the progress I have made to this point.

Honestly, I can’t believe the supporters out there that congratulate me each week and connect and encourage me with support as well as in my local chapter. But like I said, it isn’t all that is what works. It’s the basics, its eating less, which includes being mindful of what consume and being mindful of the nutrients in those foods, and by moving more. I have always said that my mother and I work well as a walking pair. There’s a rail trail close to my house and we visit it several times a week and enjoy nature and take in the good weather. Which, it has been quite oppressive with the heat this past week and we haven’t got as far some days, but we are building ourselves back up to where we left off last week. As such, we have got up to almost three miles yesterday and it was rewarding, as we mostly stayed single file on the trail to experience it on our own terms so that we can take the time to relax. When arriving at the trailhead today, we sat on the bench where I safely consumed a liter of water and refilled for home again. Mind you, I had a full bottle when we started and later yesterday, I doused that final refill. Definitely getting that water in which is essential in warmer weather.

A newer habit is in the evenings is enjoying a nice warm shower. It further relaxes me and calms me mostly down and makes me feel good, getting out of gunky clothes is another great feeling as well. As an autistic person, it can be a struggle sometimes to get in the shower and stay in there to get myself clean. However, I am learning better every day what works for me and I am feeling better about myself. Yes, I got to work on some things and I admit that isn’t easy. But it is getting better.

In closing, if you are anyone is struggling with their health, don’t be afraid to have the conversation with the doctor, I did that too and know that I needed to do this, for me. As summer approaches, I am planning to make this one of the best summers I can have, granted the roughness we have been through the last few. I encourage anyone to take care of yourself, because you won’t regret it. I lost 20 years or more that I won’t get back because of my inaction to take care of my body, but we can only move on from here.  

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