COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: A Lesson In Resiliency

We have been in a national pandemic for over a year now. Of anything I have experienced in the year and that has been a lot, it has taught me to be resilient. I have continually been retooling myself as far as mind, body and spirit to be well physically and mentally. Many people as of now are experiencing extended fatigue and are having challenges at times maintaining daily life. Foer some as myself, while it does seem different, it has taught me to be resilient. As such, I wrote this open letter last week on my day program’s virtual Facebook group had have once adapted it for our newsletter this week, and have again adapted it for today’s blog as follows:

I was shopping in Walmart the other day and I overheard a supervisor at the checkouts saying she needed cashiers to work but no one’s applying because no one wants a job. Many times, I feel down and out when I get up in the morning, especially on a work morning. I felt particularly rough one evening and early morning before I had to report to work. But I used the coping techniques I have been taught in many years of outpatient therapy and got the courage to go. That included listening to music as I am writing this post and watching YouTube Dash Cam Videos of different roads to inspire me to create that list for 2021. When I got to work that day, it was a little slow, but as the day grew it got busier and was happier that I stuck it out.

My moral of the story is, if you have a job or other commitment, don’t try to get out of having to complete it.  because it may seem boring or you think you are tired. Make use of your hours you have scheduled. Do the tasks that you are assigned by your those who assign it. When you are finished, ask them or if they are not there another person if there is something to do. No matter the task, you always want to appear that you want to be there and have the drive and stamina to do the task correctly. If you have a question, ask for help, because that is much better than guessing and getting it wrong. Oftentimes, those who oversee you want you to do your tasks correctly and are more than likely to go the extra steps because they value you as person doing what needs done.

Now I know that is easier said than done for many members and those who have mental health conditions or other underlying factors or barriers in their employment. However, just celebrating my 11th year being gainfully employed, I do not do it for the money. I do it because I enjoy it and it fits me well. As has been in recent stories and social media posts from the auspice agency of my day program,  it took me a long time to get where I came from, not only in my employment, but as a participant in the day program. This July will be 17 years and all but the one year I was away at trade school I have awaken most days and have either went to the day program or to work.

This past year has been hard on everyone, more so for me as I had to move in with my parents and get back on my feet in the course of the past year, all while putting my recovery journey in jeopardy, Lately, many times it is easier to just stop doing everything and just be a dependent on society, however now with a sound mind and recovery finally being back on track after flirting with it for a little over two years, I am proud of who and where I am. I know I must resilient because I need to be strong for everyone at the day program that encourages me to get the work done both in staff and those that are in a learning capacity such as myself. Yes, we are going through a challenging time with two staff positions vacant we may not have the end result of how we want things to be or those that oversee us may have more challenging days, but the program has been through harder times in past years and we will overcome through this too.

Hang in there, we will overcome

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