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Building Confidence

So, this week has been a whirlwind of activity. I have determined in a quick hurry of needing to better my health by being active each and every day. Additionally, I have returned to some activities that I did pre-COVID and on the day program front I have learned some new skills by being in the kitchen helping with preparing meals. While It is a gradual increase, I know one day it will build to bigger and better things. It has come to the point that I am more routine in the upkeep of my home and I just love it when it looks so nice and that I have taken the time and put the energy into cleaning it that it just feels wonderful.

It isn’t easy. COVID hasn’t been kind to not only our weight loss goas, but our mental health and reaching goals for ourselves. I am now getting to the point of where I can be myself again and feel confident in myself and know how I truly feel. The past few weeks I have nearly felt like myself, although there have been a few moments of gloom and doom, I regulate them into a positive affirmation and know that I do have it good and am truly blessed regardless what the negative connotations in my head want to project.

 We have to sometimes have the encouragement that we have to set our own standards of what that needs to be and ourselves have the inner confidence that it is indeed what can be acceptable and what you can accomplish. We as autistics sometimes mimic others, especially those close to us and we set the bar of expectations too high to the point we set ourselves up to fail at what we want to achieve. While oftentimes many can project of what we want to do or be. We have to be the one to do it and learn for ourselves on our own terms by doing what we need to do and how and when we do it.

While there can and has to be guidance, it must be completed in a gingerly manner and done in a clear and constructive manner. Being argumentative and demanding doesn’t solve anything but make the autistic oftentimes terrified of you and have them in fear of how you will respond if they do the next thing the way that you want it to be done.

Another thing that I at times that has been proven to help autistics has been the words of encouragement to them from those that support them. At times I take this with a grain of salt, but I sometimes refuse to see the whole picture that this is a confidence builder and that I need to take the compliment and move on because someone other than myself is seeing my progress, no matter how small or big and wants to let me know how well I am doing. This is another confidence builder for autistics that has been proven yet goes unrecognized at times. If it indeed goes unrecognized, don’t take it personally, just know that they have heard it and while it may have been repetitive and consistent at times to us, we hear you and understand that we are building the confidence we need to learn and grow.

We as autistics oftentimes see us as we have to be careful out there for fear that we will be critiqued for the things we do wrong. Oftentimes, we struggle with the fact that if we do something well, no matter how small or big that it is something we accomplish. We lack the confidence many times that we need to be encouraged to do things. Oftentimes we need cheerleaders or supports to be the confidence builders so that we can get to the next hurdle in our lives, no mater how small. Just know that there’s people out there that truly care about you and want you to be the best person that you can be.

Live long and prosper, my followers.

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