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Wellness Wednesday: Stepping Safe Back into the Community

So as a continuum of yesterday’s post on having the inertia to activate we are gradually beginning to do things pre-COVID. Although we did things like walk during COVID, we have experienced the winter blues and have been stuck at times under the frigid northeast winters by being at home in Zoom and other meetings throughout the day.

It wasn’t easy though to have the Inertia to return to the weight loss meetings after a nine-month absence. However, I did have some things going for me. National policy dictates that everyone starts in the “black” in the calendar year. There is no record for the weight that I was in 2020. So I was starting off fresh, from the top you would say, which was good because I know of my recent doctors visit where the scale was about and it wasn’t good.  Along with being sedentary for the majority of the winter, I know that I haven’t been kind to my body. Tons of takeout and a limited palate of foods that I cook on my own prove that. Additionally, I have been drinking soda while not in the excess of where I was when I moved in my new home, but at a substantial quantity than I should.

I know that I need to increase my water intake. That is without a doubt. I will be hydrated, and it will be a path of losing weight. We don’t know totally what is in soda, but it is of a addictive chemical. My mother was watching a documentary on TV a few weeks ago about Coca-Cola- (one of my favorites) and how it has addictive chemicals in it to entice you to want more of it. I have battled with this addiction for almost a decade now, and I know I cannot simply quit cold turkey. It will take time and a gradual decrease to get there.

I see others I know lose weight and, in a way, it makes me envious. I know that I want to join the bandwagon and be there with them looking healthier and enjoying the nice clothes that fit better than mine do. I have to realize that I need to invest in my body both in terms of what I am putting in it and how I am taking care of it by expending energy. I have a hard time realizing that while II want to see a picture of myself several months from now, I am being reluctant to see the here and now of where I am now and what I need to focus on in this very moment.

So, at the meeting the other evening, the program discussed on setting goals using the SMART goals with a blend of having a Food-Related and a Non-Food related goal. If you choose you can have a weight goal in mind, however we needed to make it as something not failproof. It has to also be something that we can reward ourselves with a small thing should we choose, So for my food-related goal, realizing that I need to incorporate water into my food intake. I set the suggested goal that I need to have a bottle of water near every meal. Likewise, for my non-food related goal, I felt that I need to get fifteen minutes of activity on a daily basis.

Which brings us to yesterday, the weather was pretty decent and my mother wanted to go walking. I have been very apprehensive of hitting the trail again for fear that I would make the return trip back to the car. However, with my mon’s encouragement I know that I need to go and do this for myself and to better myself. So we went and while we only went .15 miles from the trailhead to the first bench, rested and returned to the car. My mother encouraged me for going to walk with her and I thanked her for taking me there and going back to the weight loss meetings again as I felt I needed this to better my health and make it better. I am now utilizing my FitBit Other than putting food intake in it by tracking exercise and making those goals and having personal weigh ins upon waking each morning and I am seeing the progress. I have a small goal this week and as of right now It is looking very possible as long as I continue down the path I choose to go on. Have a good week, everyone.

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