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Wellness Wedbesday

Wellness Wednesday: “Progress is Progress”

Loving the sun, and just near a week and a half until Daylight Saving time begins here in the US, the sun is rising before I head out on the days I do and they sun is setting after six (finally). I also think with the snow melted and the clouds opening up some last week has cheered my mood, for the most part. Finally, I experienced a weekend where I didn’t shutdown a lot. Instead I was busy getting things done for once finally! However, I did spend a great deal of time hyper focused on my special interests and that consumed a lot of time, along with straightening up.

For the soda, I have continued to drink diet in many cases and I have limited what I have brought into my house. I have also used alternatives more like tea and milk when the soda I have is gone or I feel like its too early for it. Yesterday, for the first time at the day program, I did not go to the local mini mart and load up on a soda, nor did I purchase one from their little snack shop, although for afternoon break, I did have a can of soda I did purchase last week. Decisions there are made by members and staff, and they decided to do away with making tea as the drink with lunch and instead having water mixed with drink packets as that option for us. We still have to buy it; however, it comes with an all-day option. I need to get some flavoring packets for myself as I have over a case and a half of water here. Another thing that inspires me to stay away from the pop is my friend and peers are drinking more water and that makes me want to follow suit with them.

When I attended the day program, I again volunteered to mop the same areas as I did last week, but also picked up an additional section of the building. As the weeks have progressed, I have been able to mop more of an area between times where I need to sit. Today I mopped the entire section I mopped last week before deciding I need to take a break. After taking that break, I did the additional area I was assigned and then competed the task. I also assisted a co-member in changing the cartridge in the floor chemical dispenser.

As part of my goals there, I have an objective to better my cooking skills. For a long time because of the environment in that unit, I was reluctant to participate in cooking. However, with a change in the breakfast menu and another staff person encouraging me to assist them by starting small, I went in and assisted with small tasks. This required me to be on my feet, therefore it was beneficial in participating in this activity. When I helped previously, I was afraid to even tough the toaster, because it is not similar to the one in my residence and I had anxiety about getting hurt. However, today for some reason it was a breeze.

Lastly, my mother said that one has to keep moving or it will get harder if you just sit and do nothing.  I personally thought this was a myth, However, she reminded me of an immediate family member that has a great deal of physical health problems that choses to work and not chose to quit. While they only work part time, they know that if they don’t stay moving, their health will decline. Later, after I came home from my haircut and ate my salad that I chose to get from the fast-food restaurant as a way to better what I was eating. I came home ate it and without hesitation decided to go back downstairs and outside to retrieve todays mail, then directly come back upstairs and guess what, I wasn’t out of breath or didn’t feel sick, the latter of which happens after eating. I am so happy I got the salad, drank water and moved around more!

Here’s to a better week!

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