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Wellness Wednesday: Gratitude, Goals and Addiction

First of all, to fill the void of free time during the COVID Pandemic, I have decided to start the new year by bringing back the Wellness Wednesday series that I started and never finished earlier this year. My Weekly feature will now be released on Thursday as a result of this change. Here’s to a good new year.

Now if you had a personal close up look of myself, you would say that I don’t have the skillset to write about wellness because of my size. This is very far from the truth. Because of my psychotropics over the past two decades, I have gained almost 150 pounds., At times I have slid up and down the scales losing weight to only gain it and then some back. It has been a constant struggle. I fear many things of being of my size. Some of these include having a heart attack and dying in my sleep, having to have prick my fingers daily to check my sugar for diabetes and the complications related from that is another huge worry that I have. Regardless, I know the ball is in my court so to speak and it is by the grace of the good man above that I have been able to survive thus far without any major complications at this point.

So, one has to ask, Where Do I Start? One is Gratitude, a resource I found through the AID IN Pennsylvania gives me time daily to clear my head and plan the day, what I am planning to do for the day and what I need to tackle in its way. One also has to plan their meals as much as they can. Online grocery shopping helps in this endeavor, one can plan what foods they want and especially for the meats, especially what they want to have in the house like ground beef for example. If you want a pound, then you can only have a pound for sloppy joes as I did this evening, If you live on your own such as myself, that meal can be divided to go several meals or in any choice of serving you would like, oh the choices of living independently.

See folks, its that simple word, CHOICE. We can do what we want to get by. Yes, I can have that soda drink that I am so desiring because I have been highly addicted for a very long time and I need to wean myself off. I have to CHOOSE to do that, I know it won’t be easy to do! But if I want to lose weight, I know it must be done. So, I am cutting back to an only when I really need it or feel that I need it. I try to substitute with other items as I can do so to curb down on the adverse effects of cutting cold turkey and needing to get my fix.

Soda addiction is just like an addiction to a substance or alcohol. You are constantly feeling you need it UNLESS you have the willpower to NOT want it. The first step as is in any 12-step recovery program is to admit that you have a problem, which forever I was vehemently in denial. Then came COVID, and the weight creeped up by a high amount this year. I knew if I wanted to be independently living, I needed to grab the bull by the horns and nip this addiction in the bud. I needed to admit that I have a problem with Soda and I need to remedy it before it makes my life worse. If I want to see the numbers on the scale get better then the ball is in my court I have to work on the problem once and for all.

I’ll admit it isn’t easy but I know by at least cutting it back and eventually diminishing it out of my diet that I will gradually see a decrease in my weight and that will be a proponent to me back and hitting the streets and getting back to what I need to do to be more fit. Once the numbers are getting back down in the COVID count and there is a better grasp on the virus, then I would like to head back to the gym and walk more around the town I love and be more active. I would also like the ultimate dream of buying new clothes that at least look decent and fit good. Lastly, I would like to not be so out of breath.

These are a few of my principal goals for the wellness regimen for 2021. I know we are starting with the onset of the COVID – 19 Pandemic from last year, but we need to see that light at the end of the tunnel and take care of ourselves because it is paramount to us as autistics being around to see pivotal events in life.

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