Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Volume 4, Issue 5 (October 30, 2020)

Members Share: How do You Manage Your Weight?

Managing my weight is a constant battle. I know I didn’t gain the weight overnight, but I know I need to get to a manageable number. I understand the need to take my medications and several of them cause appetite and weight gain. So, I know will never meet the “standard” for weight. But I do give it the college try by limiting my sugar intake, keeping my calories within a budget, attending all necessary support groups in relation to weight loss (when I can), going walking when I can, and exerting energy if possible. I use my Fitbit which has become is a crucial tool in my recovery. It helps me track when I sleep along with what I eat so I can track how I am feeling. I have been adamant on losing weight this month after being challenged by my PCP to lose 50 pounds in six months. I have been hitting the local walking courses when I can. I have to give much thanks to my mom who is my cheerleader and walking partner. She encourages me to go because we have like goals and a mission to both lose weight so we can get bikes to explore rail trails after my she retires. I enjoy getting out on the trails because it provides a sense of pride when I get back to the car and get to calculate how far I walked. Regardless, take it small, it may be something as  counting calories, switching food, and moving more whatever you can do it counts!

Mental Health Community Updates

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, many meetings, including ours have been meeting virtually. This has given me the ability to be able to have more input and to be a voice for Fayette County residents.

One thing is I have been invited to the Virtual Member / Family Stakeholder calls with our behavioral health managed care organization, Beacon Health Options, where we meet online every other week to give input to the Prevention, Education, & Outreach Department there and likewise they share updates with us.

Some of the updates shared with the group from the Southwest Mental Health Stakeholders Meeting was the need to write to our state legislators for more mental health funding, increased availability for telehealth, things we need.

Furthermore, we have been reminded to make aware the support groups sponsored by NAMI Keystone PA online (there’s links to the affiliates that have them on Page 8 of the newsletter each week). It was noted that there’s at least three each week. MHA of Southwestern PA in Westmoreland County also hosts  weekly LGBTIA+ and Suicide Survivors Support Groups.

Additionally, we were asked to share support hotlines and links to those in need during these unprecedented times. Those can be found on page 8 of this newsletter as well.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Fayette County members for attending the Beacon  Virtual Trainings. As of last month, we were the second highest county in Beacon Territory as of last month that attended the Virtual Trainings. It should also be mentioned that persons from across the commonwealth of PA attended these events as well.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone that nothing can change about the services that you receive without you coming to the table to have your voice heard.

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