Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly; Volume 4, Issue 4; October 23, 2020

As part of my virtual clubhouse attendance we compose a weekly newsletter that is published each Friday, I have decided to include those writings in my Blog

Full Newsletters http://coronavirus.unionstationclubhouse.com/weekly/index.html

Members Share : What Joy or Kindness do you find in the act of giving

I find joy and kindness in giving to small causes like where I know it personally affects a person or entity in my own community such as the blessing food boxes, lending libraries, trail council, etc. Additionally, due to the pandemic, since we have been ordering online a lot instead of having to call if a gratuity option is available, I will round to the next dollar to their cause, some establishments
have a roundup program, like Goodwill for example. As for the rounding up for the gratuity, I am finding this important especially now because everyone in the world is hurting and every little bit helps even if its an old item or a few cents.

Dustin’s Wellness Update

Heading into week three of the wellness journey and continuing to get up to five
days of exercise in each week. With a combination of the track and trail North. I made a great accomplishment last weekend of visiting a new Overlook 1.39 miles north from the trailhead. Round trip it was 2.8 miles. I felt so accomplished when I was completed with this longer walk. Meanwhile, at the track, I am able to do a lap
(.51 mile) without stopping for about 10 minutes.

As far as food and nutrition goes, I am excelling in this by keeping a constant watch on my calorie count and limiting my soda consumption by at least half sometimes cutting back even further. Another great accomplishment this week is that it took me three and a half days to finish a gallon of sugar free sweet tea opposed to finishing it in a day previously. I have lost some weight in the process, about eight pounds or so. I am proud of myself and what I am doing to improve my health because I know it is the right thing to do for me to be here for those that care about me longer.

A Week of Self-Care and Wellness

This past week, I took a few days off for Self-Care. Normally this time of year I do as I know that is important to my mental health, regardless of the COVID-19 Pandemic.. Meanwhile, this is the annual Country Roads Shop Hop where 9 quilt shops in the Allegheny Mountains and Laurel Highlands travel and build quilt squares as we go along the way.

On the first day we visited the quilt shops in my county and crossed the State Line briefly, then returned in a short loop before returning back for the evening. It was different this year because of COVID-19, with limited crowds and no fat quarters at the stops. We had lunch at a Eat N’ Park where it was very clean and well distance along with a very limited menu..

Two days later, we headed out on a bigger loop, heading two counties over where we experienced being either in front or behind a tour bus of quilters and a group from the state of Indiana, that slowed things down, regardless, it was still fun.

To break up the monotony of travel, we visited the World Famous Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, PA where because of the pandemic, the funicular was closed, however at a reduced admission fee you could climb 194 steps up to the railroad curve and also see the museum which I might add was quite fun. I sadly missed a freight train as I descended the steps back to a museum, however it was nice
to see something for a change..

Later that day after having lunch at a Applebee’s and visiting the remainder of the quilt shops and a Goodwill Thrift Store we enjoy we took another nature break at a State Park There we enjoyed a walk around the lake and a drive through the park’s
campground and upper lake loop.

To me this is self-care because it provides a beyond believable feeling of comfort and joy and peace in my state of mind doing the things I enjoy, along with exercising, which I have been continuing to do for five days a week doing things such a walking, etc. I have walked over 30 miles in two weeks and love it so much. It works hand in hand with the adrenaline and cortisol to combat my flight of
fight symptoms of my stress and anxiety.

I have seen my health improve since walking on a more routine basis. I started by counting the benches on the rail-trail, gradually increasing the benches set by set until this past weekend when I reached the new Overlook. You may have remembered a article I did on it in this newsletter when it was completed. It is
1.345 miles each way. I am glad to report that I walked over half the way there without stopping or in pain. I did have to take my time coming back to the trailhead stopping at each bench and resting longer, but it was so worth it. It has been an amazing second week on improving my health, I have also been reducing my sugar intake and eating more properly, this in turn will improve my c hances at having a
healthier, longer life.

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