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Adulting: The Myriad of Organization

In gaining my skills to regroup for the next chapter in my life, I have made the decision to do a blog series on Adulting. The fourteenth installment is about organization.

Now with the surpassed amount of autistic individuals out there, many think that Autism and OCD and ADHD are asynchronous, however many either possess one or the other, this can either make or break ones organization skills. There is a common denominator with the two other disorders and that is they don’t mix.

One who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD Well like to keep everything nice clean and organized about their interest And hobbies , whereas a person with attention hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, will have a mind that is not obsessive and will Often lose track of what they are doing at the given moment and go from subject to subject or from thing to thing without taking notice of what they need to work on at the current moment thus resulting in a messy home or situation that is not organized or clean. It is important to have a clean home in order to be there. For it to be clean you need to organize. If you have ADHD this can be a very mounting task as your brain cannot be totally focused on everything that you need to do to keep your home clean.

As such I have been watching episodes of the TLC show Hoarders recently and I can see how people who obsess on things are mute on things such as cleanliness or trying to hide a feeling or a emotion that they are missing by buying things that make them happy and collecting things and then it gets out of control to the point of where it is not able to be cleaned or the house becomes inhabitable or there are rodents infested in a home.

Therefore it is OK to have collections and interest of a person but you must maintain them in order to keep your home clean and organized. You should try to follow a chore list and a check off sheet for things you need to do every day in each room of the house that is crucial to being successful in your journey and making sure that your home is clean.

At my day program presently, I am working on cleaning skills it is a very important piece of my recovery that is sort of one of the last pieces that need to be finished before I get be sure that I can live on my own again. Therefore I constantly work on it when I am there even though I am there one day a week during the coronavirus. I learned skills such as how to clean things and how to maintain things continually. For example, today was Labor Day and we had a social we each have to contribute a part of the day to maintaining our Facility even though it is a holiday. I chose to take out the trash because it teaches me the skills that I need to learn about keeping clutter removed and not just throwing it down somewhere or just leaving it lay for somebody else to get. A window from room to remove all the trash cans even though some of them didn’t have liners and some of them did but I took was taught the importance of having a ladder in the garbage can and having the ability to make sure that they are clean and sanitary for each patrons use especially during the coronavirus.

Making sure that An autistic individual is ready to live on our own is to make sure and assess that they can maintain their apartment in a clean, safe, and sanitary environment. This is crucial to maintaining housing and recovery for anybody but especially those on the autism spectrum and that blended with ADHD or ADD. It is essential to workout a chore schedule for the autistic person to make sure that they know that they should take pride in what they clean and that they want their home to be clean for it is theirs and they should be proud of where they live and how they can have it. They will want to have friends or workers over or just anybody and once you have a clean environment to entertain even though that is not the believed to be the case, we went to ensure that they can be successful in the community and be the person who we’ve dreamed for them to be. we must also make sure that Clothing is neat and clean and organized and laundered on a regular basis and if we haven’t taught somebody how to do that we need to teach them how so that they know how. These skills should be as taught as early as possible in order for the outcome to be more successful and for a longer term. We want people on the autism spectrum to have successful encouraging and happy lives that is possible probable and likely enough for them to back spiral into living with family again or worse being put in a group home.
Make sure that your autistic wants to live on your own and can do it. Make sure they can clean up after themselves and understand that it’s OK to make a mistake but be right on it when it doesn’t look right or something happens. Be sure to understand the mechanics of things as simple as you can of what they are responsible for in case something breaks down and not just to run out and buy it.

Lastly I want to touch on the OCD factor that while it is OK to have OCD and focus on traits that are pause devyn an interest I also want to focus on things that it’s OK to be clean and others may not be as clean if you’re living with someone but don’t fault them too much because that will only install the other person and it is important to take care of you and hold up to your end of the deal if you’re able to.

I personally feel the age of 35 that I can work at this an I can get there if the dreams are put in my hand and the hands are put in my favor then I know I need to work on it. I know it’s a crucial part for me being independent and I know I need to work on it just just how much do I really want it and how much do I feel I needed in order to be successful and then I can tell you my friends is a lot. I need to be independent I’m 35 years old my parents are 73 and 64 I know they’re not going to be around forever and I don’t want to be a burden on my family so I know that I and I am learning the proper Skills day by day and being reinforced to pick up things around the house as needed and I hope it results in a good outcome in the end.

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