COVID-19 Series

Concentrating on COVID: Getting Out and About

Well we’re going into our sixth month under the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re learning a lot as time goes on. We are sure getting out more and trying to learn how to do things that require less being in compromising close quarters. The young children are back to school and it is different with students going every other day or every couple days a week and being home for at least one in most cases or all if you are a total virtual learning environment. However we know this virus is certainly not going away at the present moment. Therefore people are being more strategic and more sensible about what they do and how they do it.
It is indeed a new learning experience and I am starting to gradually become comfortable going out more in public. This is made possible thanks to spending a weekend with my sister and her children as well as her husband.

As can be told by my cover photo in this week’s post, I went to a National Park where indeed social distancing and mask wearing was occurring. It was being enforced by Park Rangers. However we did not stay near the exhibits in the visitor center as the visitors were close together and not social distancing but many of them did have mask on as it was required in the visitor center. I just enjoyed going up into the mountains for a ride that morning and getting to see things that were different. We had taken this ride about a year and a half ago and I did enjoy it but it was different this time. People weren’t all gathered together, there were portable toilets more than there were restrooms this time although it looked as if there were better cleaning protocols at the facilities that I was at. And of course with all the additional protection it was nice to see that people actually do care.

I was blessed I stopped at a bakery on the way back from that mountain trip, where social distancing was enforced and the door handles were being wiped frequently and the traffic patterns were enforced.

It was good to have something different to eat other than just than take away food that I have become accustomed to the last six months. My sister and I went to a small mom and pop diner that I have been wanting to go to for a very long time for breakfast. It was different as social distancing was enforced in mask wearing was as well. And I did enjoy it and it was nice for my sister and I to catch up on things that have been going on in the past six months as we haven’t really got to sit down and talk like we used to. It’s nice to have a good home cooked breakfast something that I am used to at home but enjoyed somebody else’s food for a change and sit down and savor it in a place other than the kitchen.
At first I was apprehensive about doing this but it’s all in what you feel comfortable doing and I felt well could be the chance if I Keep my mind on where I am touching with my hands and that my hands should be clean with soap and water routinely after visiting a place. My sister also encouraged me that it’s OK to have a mask off if you’re away from somebody especially outdoors or far away from somebody else and it makes me feel a lot better than what I did before about wearing the mask out. Now granted I don’t always enjoy Walmart and it’s not always a fun place to go when people somewhat are close to you and don’t follow the universal masking or social distancing requirements or go up and down and out a certain way our come the opposite direction and come front of you, it’s not fun and I’ll give you that.

But I’ve got to do some things that were kind of interesting and got to see some different things that. I have been longing to see for a long time just to get out of what I’ve been used to is a good enough for me and I was so happy for a change. it was nice is just get out and feel the fresh air.

I know that being comfortable will take time and I now I have nothing but that. Everybody has certain feelings on what they feel comfortable doing and how they’re doing it with this coronavirus. What is essential is that we all are understanding and accepting of everybody else is ways of tolerating others that do not want to follow universal masking, or social distancing and so forth but keep our space and encourage to others to keep our space by practicing and modeling was expected by the leading health authorities.

We will be coming into the fall months now, and we should take advantage of our outdoor attractions is file as many of the fear and panic of the spring and summer has not let us feel as free and OK with going out as we did in the spring and summer months when little was known about the coronavirus. yes you should go out and recreate responsibly and that’s it that’s just that doing it responsibly. it’s OK not to wear your mask outdoors as long as you are with your family unit and six feet apart from any other non family unit or if you stop somewhere to use the restroom or go in a building then you must put a mask on if you’re enforced you by your local authority and you should always just keep spaces in general as many do like to keep a bubble of personal space.

But you shouldn’t let things such as the Corona virus scare you because there are people out there who can help you but you just have to be sensible and wash your hands frequently if Soap is not available use hand sanitizer. also it is important if you’re if your somebody you know is or somebody you know is Unfamiliar or not Keen on Hand washing, then teach them find out why they don’t like to wash hands if it’s uncomfortable for them to wash their hands find out why maybe the soap is too strong or maybe the bar soap is uncomfortable find what they like find a soap that they is enjoyable and comfortable for them and doesn’t oversensitive them. Make hand washing fun by having them sing a song that they enjoy for 20 seconds and making a clip out of it to make it a fun and encouraging experience.

We’ve touched on mask wearing for a very long time now, and I never thought that I would say that I would feel comfortable being on the outdoor world without a mask as much as I would At this moment. However we have to be comfortable with the new normal it’s not just our health in general that we need to Care about but the health of others, just during coronavirus but all the time.

Part of taking care of ourselves includes taking care for our mental health and that means going off for a walk every day or going out and just enjoying the sounds or the sites of nature if you can. Doesn’t have to be long it can be just a few minutes so as long as you can tolerate if you can find a small forest or Woodside scene take advantage of it and enjoy it there is plenty of acreage for everyone Everybody needs to be moving, no doubt about it. With the world going virtual over the last six months we have to realize that we can’t be couch potatoes and each to oblivion the Rest of our lives, we need to take care of ourselves to be healthy and only for us but for others too.

Have a great week followers, and be sure to be out and be moving an enjoy life for what we don’t know what we have until it’s gone

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