Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Vol. 3, Issue 3; August 21, 2020

What are you doing to be healthy in these trying times?

For me, it has taken me a while through these trying times to know that I need to stay healthy. In order to protect my health and safety, I have not dined in at a restaurant since the pandemic, and have limited my footprint to where I go. As for physical health I try to move at every opportunity and as the weather is fit to do so. For mental health, I continually keep in contact with Clubhouse members and my Facebook community, and work on my hobbies and blogs. I am also in constant contact with my therapist and MPR worker to make sure everything is in check.

Safely Stepping into the Community

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of opportunity through my employment to attend the first Beacon member virtual education event on Zoom. In this session, there was a presentation by a Self-Advocates United as One, a self-advocacy organization. The presentation opened with discussion on advocating for yourself and getting what you need, then it was tied into being safe and comfortable in Stepping Safely back into the Community. For many, as was shared in the training, stepping in to the community amongst many new rules and other anxieties heightens everyone’s anxiety and sense of safety. To combat this, a great Pennsylvania resource, AID in PA, A joint effort between ASERT (Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training) and the statewide HCQUs (Health Care Quality Units), this site is designed to connect individuals with disabilities, families, professionals, and community members with resources that can best serve them in emergency situations. Current resources focus on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis; however, this site can be adapted to for other challenges facing the community. As part of that resource highlighted, the guide describes and asks questions regarding one’s feelings about returning to the community, physical health, staying healthy, their mental health, changes in routine, and services and supports. It also lists supports organizations and resources that can be helpful. This was a very insightful and makes you think about things. There are no right or wrong answers and each and every person is entitled to their opinion and feeling on everything at their own comfort level. The guide can be found here It is a fillable PDF and can be printed out as well. The next Beacon training will be on Friday, August 28, 2020 and will feature four past Leadership in Recovery Award Winners as they share their experiences on how things are presently. Myself, being a former Leadership in Recovery Awardee am curious to hear from another perspective on how things are for others.

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