COVID-19 Series

Concentrating on COVID: What is the Truth?

In dealing with the numerous stories of COVID-19, it’s hard to believe truth from fiction, We hear of cases that are asymptomatic to cases of death. Likewise, I , nor any autistic  person for that manner would find pleasure in having a COVID-19 test administered, so we play it safe, but some may ask why?

Why? Because there’s many unknowns to COVID-19 and its scary. Yes, that makes autistics, including myself, overly anxious. Like when we want to find a social outlet, we now have to now add the extra steps to out thought process of now wondering what move we make on the chessboard of getting out in the community.

This past week, I had the opportunity through my employment to attend a training presented by self-advocates on returning to the community and feeling safe to do so. I have added it to my Coronavirus resource list and you can find it specifically here (PDF).  Inside the guide it has a great deal of resources to help you in getting out into that community. It is a great guide and I plan to add more resources from it to my website in the near future.

Anyway, there is a lot of uncertainties about the COVID-19. We have to look to Credible news sources that are not totally to the left or totally to the right. The same goes for Local news, which some that are micromanaged by large corporations are not there truly for the mission of informing their viewers, instead they are there for the ratings, awards and hype, News media is not truly guaranteed unless you visit the sources if they note them, as they can too construe information.

Now I am not telling you not to believe the media, but you have to do you research and us as autistics are oftentimes quite capable of knowing what falsehood is true and quite. Likewise, we can learn the ways of understanding it better than some. Recommended sources are those of the your regional, state and federal authorities that provide facts and that you may have to dive into the numbers to get what you really need to know.

But its by doing what you feel comfortable doing and knowing the shops and establishments that you patronize and how comfortable you are in them. Do your research on them too. What safeguards are being provided for both employees and you the customer? Do they setup to encourage physical distancing and mask wearing, or if not do they provide alternatives for you to shop in.

In our commonwealth, things are going to be like this until a Vaccine is in place, then at that point the disaster declaration will be lifted, and things will be normal again. Researchers are doing their work, but we have to be patient and understanding that while this virus came abruptly, it has a lot of unknowns and we are uncertain of when we will know how to find a cure and specifically a vaccine, then the public being cognizant and welcoming of a new vaccine. So many unknowns, and again this is a big anxiety driver in not only the general populous but the community but more so in the autistic community too.

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