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Adulting: Finding Your Faith

For this weeks Adulting post I was originally going to originally chose cluttering. However, I saw a post on Kerry’s Autism Journey’s Facebook page where a young boy with autism  was ejected out of a Catholic Church during his sister’s baptism. Here is the clip:

It isn’t like I haven’t heard this before, especially in the Roman Catholic Church. I have heard individuals with special needs be removed from bridal parties’, baptisms and even serving their church for the greater good. Sometimes there are excluded from even being baptized or even being a member or even having their first communion. We say that the modern church is growing and being more accepting of everyone, but I believe this is further from the case. The modern church denominations such as the Lutherans, Presbyterians, etc. are eventually becoming more accepting than others. However, it’s more of a localized decision and what the localized beliefs are of that community. The decision usually to have a pastor accept a call to a certain congregation has a part of local membership and/or trustees of the church. Sometimes the churches are stuck in their old school ways. Some churches such as the one I belong to are accepting in most ways always working to accept everyone but as always, you have some of them founding fathers you are always trying to stay in the old ways. Nonetheless, you still must be inclusive when you’re hungry for finances and ways to increase grease your donations and membership, while meeting your weekly need for budget.

Autists are not wanting to be pastors or any leading authority or a Shepherd of a flock we just want to be accepted for who we are and what we can contribute as members of society. However, this post and several others mentions that I have shared over the last few months should be a wake-up call to the community of religion in general to grow up and decide to be more inclusive of everyone. Yes, you will have your biblical beliefs. Yes, you will have your naysayers but if your overall national or international mission is to be accepting of all with your hearts and minds and spirit then you should be search and be an example locally regionally and nationally.

Now we are Autists may not understand religion in the way that everyone understands it, nonetheless we want to learn like everybody else we’re just wired differently and may yearn for a better understanding. Oftentimes, the localized non-denominational faith communities are more accepting and more upfront about this. But what if you want to believe the mainstream like the Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist whatever. However, if you should need enhanced instruction or more guidance then you should be entitled to it because you do have a disability and it should be as part of your need spiritually and physically. Oftentimes spirit is what guides us in the special needs community and our faith is what builds is to be solvent and have resolve.

This is our teaching moment. We need to be out there and about and learn. I’m not being religious and that’s everybody’s own belief. But if you want to be faithful and you want to believe that you want to be a member of a community and you want to be accepted then you need to do it,  you need to take that risk,  go out and be a part of It. Personally, from me challenging since the pandemic but I am Attending church online and we have a  parking lot service and it helps and also being able to Tithe online is also a way to be a contributor of my faith community.

Now I personally don’t want to be close to others and many in the church feel that way it’s not a comfortable way to go to church right now from many with the social distancing and wearing of a mastering service no singing their music so to explore your options you would we got it to find the different YouTube services that are out there and there are several so you just have to look and find your true calling sometimes it takes listening to the sermons of others to get what you really want In your faith  and in your spirit .

In closing, faith comes on your own terms and you must learn it in your own way, and you must find that spiritual guidance in the way that you find it comfortable for you. So, take your time and learn in your own way so you can be more the way you want to be, but that’s your own opinion and everyone is entitled to it.

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