Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Vol. 3, Issue 1; August 7, 2020

Vacations and Relaxations during COVID-19

What a summer many of us have been dealt! Everyone around the world has been handed a great deal of stress with COVID -19. Many that have had funds set aside to go on vacation had them depleted due to the pandemic and being furloughed. Likewise, a travel order has been issued by the Commonwealth advising if you travel to over a dozen states, many of them tourist destinations for Pennsylvanians such as myself, that you have to quarantine for two weeks upon return because those states are hotspots for the virus. So, many are either doing things locally. However, that has resulted in problems because so many want to recreate in one spot and that results in overcrowding at these places. So for myself, I don’t go far because of my anxiety. Going to Greensburg or into Westmoreland or Somerset county is a big deal for me right now. I just fear the way that a COVID19 test has to be administered, so I choose on my own to protect myself. To fulfill my need for being on the road, I either film the state roads I travel or I watch them on PennDOT’s Website. One Map has filled my need to see Pennsylvania’s major highways during these unprecedented times.

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