Modeling Makes It Happen

This past week I have been hearing from alot of Autism mamas about modeling behaviors for their children. Since the last chapter in my life and moving in the current one, I have been using technology as a way to model behaviors and tasks in order for me to progress to the next one. At 35, I can actually feel progress, my life is becomming more organized and I feel much better about myself and the future ahead.

Now modeling can be such a great thing because it can make us “get” things that we may not otherwise understand in the many constructs of not only social graces, but other things such as meeting new perople or learning to do things you thought you can never do, For a long time I was never a believer of YouTube or watching something like a movie, but it has helped me immensly, Even reading the different pages of both parents of autistics and autistics themselves or just plain NT’s can be an excellent way of leaning things and in turn has made more proud of myself of the finished product.

Now, I don’t want to discount that I have awesome parents. They have indeed modeled things that they want done and once they have taught me, I most of the time understand. Sometimes, its just those weird things that one may want to learn how to do that an autistic may be embarrassed to ask their parents about.

You may be thinking that my mind is going to the gutter, That is simply not what I am meaning as I know not all autistics have matured at the “suggested” moment for that. Many autistics are not thinking about a relationship, but rather a good friend that they may want to network with. As long as the proper tecnological tools and safeguards are in place for learning basic modeling and skills. Streaming services are good for finding things that arent the norm. YouTube is excellent. For years, I always wanted to fold my clothes a certain way in my drawers so I went to YouTube and found a great organizer that was clean about it and watched the videos and they look awesome.

Even though I have returned home with my folks, I can honestly say that am very proud of my room that I have fixed for myself while I am here. For a long time my parents said I should take pride of things that I have. I am finally feeling that at 35 with my room,

Also as a result of feeling good, I am doing things I have ignored during the pandemic, like shaving and taking regular showers. During my last meltdown a week ago, my sister reminded me to be thankful fo the simple things in life like a bathroom and a hot shower (and aiir conditioning too!) This in turn has made me want to take advantage of that shower each and every morning I wake up and to have a nice clean self

In closing, if anyone thinks its too late to learn those skills, remember its never too late and many autistics can learn things wih our prodigical minds!

Here’s to better times!

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