Adulting: Making Sure You Eat

In gaining my skills to regroup for the next  chapter in my life, I have made the decision to do a blog series on Adulting. The sixth installment I have chosen to write about is making sure that you eat.

This week I decided to focus on the importance on eating. For some autistics, this can be a struggle as we become so self-engaged in an activity that we simply disregard the time of day and forget a meal time or two, then we we do realize that we did not eat, we gourd ourselves on a little too much of something and we don’t realize it to the point we become physically sick, then it is a regretful decision.

Now, I do understand some autistics have to rely on others for them to prepare their food and that is OK. But sometimes they too forget, and this can have a bad outcome. This is not that the person caring for them is a bad person, its just that they just become overwhelming busy and the autistic themselves doesn’t express their feeling. Sometimes they too are in their own little world and do not realize that it is or was time to eat at a certain time, therefore resulting in the same events as mentioned in the paragraph above.

If one lives on their own, they should know what does indeed make a nutritous meal for them. Does it include all the food groups? Will they be able to keep it down? Will they like it?

Personally, I have been introducing new vegetables into my diet like celery and carrots (raw carrots, just cant do cooked as of yet.) It’s been tolerable and I know for sure it is nutritious for me more than the junk I was eating before this pandemic came about. I do try to incorporate all the food groups in from time to time, slowly if I can, however there are times I just become lazy and don’t feel like it and I’ll just grab weird things like croutons, cheese, whatever and just mindlessly eat for no reason whatsoevter. I know this is bad for me and I know I need to stop!

So how do I do this?

Well eating meals at prescribed times of the day. Being in a pandemic and in a new living arrangement has pretty much got me into a new pattern, granted I don’t have to cook dinner, but I do cook or prepare my own breakfast and lunch, and that decision is in my court. Nonetheless, I know I need to do it, and as a result, getting back into a routine and moving more too can make things better by losing weight, as I did at my support group this week (6.25#.)

Being sensible of what is put on my plate is another key component to this trifecta. I know I need to do this because of my health issues and I do want to be healthier, so I guess I just do it. Its not always easy to walk away from a meal, but if you take your time, eat it slowly, in the end you will enjoy it more and be healthier.

Lastly. it comes to making a great mix of all the food groups. Including veggies and fruits (if I/you can) meats, grains, some sugars and the occasional “free” item is key for completing this task so that you can be more healthy and have a balanced diet. It will make you feel better too and you’ll be happier in the end!

Here’s to a great week, my followers

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