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The First Day back at Programming in nearly Three Months

Today, I got to attend my day program for the first day in nearly three months. I was a little apprehensive about being safe once I returned. However, after seeing the interaction of the members there virtually from my home, I realized that I would be fine. The one thing that made me just a little bit anxious was the morning screening for COVID-19.

This morning, like days of old the Van Driver pulled up to my house and got out and before he opened the door to where I would be sitting, instead he got out of the passenger seat (where no one is permitted to sit due to physical distancing,) and he got out a clipboard and asked if I have been around anyone that was exposed to COVID-19 or did I have symptoms of COVID-19. After replying “no” to both, then before boarding the van, I had a temporal scan and was given a wristband for the day, then we headed on our way.

10:00 Break
Branded and Safe at a Table of 1

Once at the program, although we started a half an hour later, it was pretty much like normal, although pens were disposable, rather than shared. It was time for the meeting, of which for the almost last three months, I have been attending virtually, so no surprises there. The on-site work differed a bit to only include to what was essentia.

Since being homebound due to the pandemic, I have been accustomed to a new routine. Likewise at 10:00 I had a quick break and had a quick drink of soda for the day. and sat and checked social media before proceeding to the next phase of the day.


Lunch is served a bit later, at 12:00 instead of 11:30 and that was fine to me, because being there in person did fill in the time nicely. It is a modified menu and today it was an Egg Salad Sandwich with Fruit and Veggies. Not knowing how I would like the fruit, I selected only vegetables, which consisted of only celery and carrots with a side of ranch dressing. I have to admit I have’t had veggies this way for as long as I can remember, kindergarten (29 years ago, if memory calls me right) I tolorated the celery totally better than I would have years ago. As for the carrots, my reflexes kicked in twice although I was able to swallow it safely. In all the times of wasting veggies that I never ate, this is the only occasion when all was left was a carrot strip.

After lunch, we had our 12:30 meeting, then our assignments were given before closing out the day at 3:00 and returning home.

Very much, it was a great day and I was really happy to see people instead of looking at them through a computer monitor. There is distancing and cleaning procedures that are routinely followed and are adhered to. I return next week to my job, of which due to the end of my last chapter have not been there physically since January 27. Even with all new rules and regulations I feel totally safe returning to both venues.

Have a good night! Here’s to better times!

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