Adulting: Keeping a Daily Routine

In gaining my skills to regroup for the next  chapter in my life, I have made the decision to do a blog series on Adulting. The first installment I have chosen to write about is having a routine.

So here we are in the next chapter. We’re nowhere ready to talk about the past one yet. In the first installment of this Series, we talked about the skill of deciding on when to go to bed. If you picked a time to go to bed, that’s great, but what about the entire day? Do you have it all planned out?

There has been mountable research that autistics thrive off of routine, and are completely lost when it goes askew. I have stated that in many instances throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and the need to be adaptable. However, regardless of whatever life throws at us, we must have a plan for there is a quote, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Therefore, I feel that the schedule that I create should only be used as a guideline, which is always “subject to change.”

Nonetheless, knowing that I was going to be starting a new routine in the near future, I realized that I needed to create one in order to be successful in this chapter. What I have done has modeled it pretty much like a high school schedule that a one would have in a grid. Like it, it would have periods of when things would be done, but modified to my own twist. It is color coded, and is cycled for each day, thus far it is going as planned, yet is a work in progress.

To compliment the excel spreadsheet, I utilize many online tools and smart devices to help me for they are a godsend, however the spreadsheet is a nice backup.

Some of the apps/tools that I use at my disposal are:

  • Amazon Alexa: This is the start of my day. It wakes me up and it has a plethora of tools that can be used on all my devices like the alarm, it can also set timers, reminders, routines, and so forth. Additionally, it can be intertwined with other smart technology
  • Google Calendar: I use this for any and all appointments, meetings and so forth that I need to attend. It’s easy to use and also is linked with all of my devices.
  • Microsoft To Do: This is a great smartphone or computer app that is great for tackling those long and never ending to do lists. While it doesn’t necessarily Link directly with other devices, it’s good for those computer or physical tasks.

Each individual has to decide on their own what necessarily works for them and how they are going to manage their own schedule and what level of prompts they require. It’s a skill that definitely can be learned but with the right tact and precision.

Stay Tuned

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