Union Station Weekly: Volume 1: Issue 7: May 22, 2020

As part of my virtual clubhouse attendance we compose a weekly newsletter that is published each Friday, I have decided to include those writings in my Blog

Full Newsletters http://coronavirus.unionstationclubhouse.com/weekly/index.html

This week, as part of a series for Mental Health Awareness Month, members in our telehealth share good things that resulted from the effects of the stay-at-home order.

Prior to the stay-at –home order, I had a series of unfortunate events occur in my life. As a result, I since have been staying with my parents who have graciously al-lowed me to stay here as I needed to. That being in mind, I have realized that many facets of my recovery were relapsing and as a result. There was also some uncertainty with the Clubhouse being closed for 9 days in March that put a wrench in my routine. Nonetheless, my prior events along with the stay-at-home order have provided me an opportunity to address the issues that I need in my recovery.

As we are in the first full week of the “Yellow Phase”, I am making plans to accept and plan for the routine at hand and learn that things change and that I need to be able to accept those changes gracefully and manage my feelings better. Many norms that occurred prior to the order, such as being able to dine in a food establishment, are not permitted currently. Now, social distancing and being more cognizant of one’s surroundings as well as a better understanding of needs to be done within my home is required. Therefore, I am in preparation of balancing the routine with the “new normal.” I am getting accustomed to wearing a mask in public and managing my emotions better when someone goes the incorrect direction in a grocery store aisle or is not exactly practicing the suggested length of social distancing, or wearing a mask in public. I must first and foremost pay regard to my own safety and grow and adapt.

Memorial Day, A Year Later

If anyone has ever heard about one of my favorite remembrance holidays, you will know for sure that it is Memorial Day and that I usually have only came to the Clubhouse Memorial Day Picnic if it was raining. Last year was my first year living independently, and I had the pleasure to walk a half block to the main street from my new home where the parade route has been since 1956 (the same place where the Veterans Memorial has been). For the first time in my then-33 years in Connellsville, I would have the pleasure of attending the annual remembrance service for my community—as a member of my community. The High School band and local band would play, a list of veterans who were no longer with us at that point would be read, and other remarks would be given at the event. It was something I will never forget. Fast forward to a year later, I have learned that the Citizens of Connellsville will not be lining the boulevards, nor will there be a service at that very monument. School has been closed for several weeks, thus not having a band or JROTC for the festivities. In our local newspaper recently, one of the area’s oldest dignified veterans stated that it would be the first parade he would march in in over 60 years and has not be cancelled in all his memory. Nor will veterans be gathering at the local American Legion or VFW for meals after. It is a change for the communities in the United States as hopefully we will find an alternative method of honoring our veterans’.

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