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Still Ordered to Stay at Home

Well we’re still in the red here in Pennsylvania this week and planning to be for at least two more weeks, if not more. Our region is predicted to go to yellow (precautionary) at that point. However, it has come to my attention that several items in place like teleworking, curbside pickup, delivery, etc. Will still occur in many instances. 

I’ve been reading recent articles in the local newspapers about capacity at the local hospitals and officials state that because more than likely people are following recommendations by government officials I why case numbers are lower than predicted. 

So i in a way sadly I am content with the way things are at least right now. I do miss my colleagues and friends and the way things were before the coronavirus. I’m not downplaying that we should keep th is way for ever, not at all. People lost their jobs; my mentors, my van driver, family members, the list goes on and on. People are sick, really bad weather and seriously it scares me because I don’t want it. With a simple illness, I’m a bear. I couldn’t imagine having the coronavirus could make me be. I would rather play it safe and be healthy than be susceptible to something dangerous.

This pandemic has also divided party lines greatly. lawmakers feel like we need to reopen but as evidenced by other states, it causes a spike in cases. So I feel out government officials are airing on the side of caution in that regard. The only issue with government is the unemployment process and with the overtaxed system that needs a major overhaul.

Anyway, if we want out of the red so speak we must continue to do what is necessary to flatten the curve, then we must follow the advice of government officials. I was told by my e employment supports that when we do return to out facility, we will see changes similar to that in a grocery store like shields, directional control, etc. Virtual attendance is preferred over actual which will be limited and transportation may not occur for some time, let alone masking, gloves, temporal scans, etc. Anyway, I will prepare for those changes when it’s time to.

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