Union Station Weekly: Volume 1: Issue 4: May 1, 2020

As part of my virtual clubhouse attendance we compose a weekly newsletter that is published each Friday, I have decided to include those writings in my Blog

Full Newsletters http://coronavirus.unionstationclubhouse.com/weekly/index.html

Telehealth Has Been A Blessing to My Recovery

In recent years I have heard of telehealth in its infancy for mental health services, but it was only available to commercial and cash individuals, thus leaving individuals with Medicaid or Medicate without this luxury.

While the closure and stay-at home requirements have limited my need to make me encouraged to stay at home to stay safe, I have utilized tele-health both in the clubhouse and outpatient method.

In the Clubhouse environment, this has provided an avenue for me to have a resemblance of the Clubhouse within the safety of my own home. Personally, for the first two weeks the Clubhouse was closed, I was having issues with maintaining a routine and was sleeping excessively. This environment has given me a reason to get up in the morning and be responsible to Scott and the other members.

Once the restrictions are released slowly, I would like to continue to have this option available to us because I am yet fearful of attending a congregate program in a confined space such as Clubhouse to not only risk contracting the Coronavirus.

I do realize that for some time there will be a different kind of normal and for the most part I am OK with that. Yet, as of this writing, cases continue to increase and that puts the fear in me that by attending the Clubhouse too soon will put myself, the other members, and staff at risk. However, I do think the clubhouse should be open to those without the technology or capability to access our telehealth services.

For the future I would hope that our payers would allow this service to continue once there is a cure for the Coronavirus would be able to attend the program that cannot access it either be-cause of their geographical location or have other issues such as health or pest infestation that prohibits them from attending our program in person.

As on the outpatient end, while I have for several years have been lucky to have access to my therapist and psychiatrist more often than the larger clinics. With the Universal Masking requirements, I feel that this would prohibit my ability to communicate effectively in my sessions within allotted time. A lot of time is reduced by waiting especially during this situation when the office must be disinfected between uses, signing in, so forth.

Finally, as far as accessibility, I wish that all telecommunications providers would have a inexpensive method of getting quality internet and phone access especially during this difficult time.

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