Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Volume 1: Issue 3

As part of my virtual clubhouse attendance we compose a weekly newsletter that is published each Friday, I have decided to include those writings in my Blog

Full Newsletters http://coronavirus.unionstationclubhouse.com/weekly/index.html

The “New” Normal

It is hard to believe that we have been home from the Clubhouse for just over a month this week. For me, the first two weeks had a lot of uncertainty, which I struggled greatly with. I had a moment of uncertainty as to whether I would still have a job. I would have my hours reduced and be work-ng remotely as a result, but it is extra money, right?
Honestly, Virtual Clubhouse has given me a sense of wanting to get up daily because there is a handful of members that rely on my expertise on knowing what is out there in the community for our members in need and what they need to know. With that being said, I am becoming certain that this format of meeting virtually will likely be the format of meeting for some time due to the state mandate on Social Gatherings and the limit it will bring. However, it is a change I am ready to tackle as it is essential to my recovery. Yes, things change, we limit our trips to Walmart to occasionally and follow the rules of not only them but other retailers and organizations that I am involved in. Things have certainly changed within the past month and it will be likely that we will see more change before we experience a normal that we were used to before the spread of the dangerous virus Covid-19.

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