Poem: To the Mother

To the Mother
Who always thinks of her child’s best interest before hers
Thank You

To the Mother
Who ensured that he had the best education possible
Yes, it was a public one
but, read the Educational Law book cover to cover
and fought tooth and nail with school teachers and administrators
defending her child when he did wrong, yet was not treated fair
and always wanted the best possible solution available.
Sometimes this meant bringing her village to the school
and this was referred to school officals as “counterproductive”,
but she knew it had to be done, in order for her child to succeed.
And they did, better than she thought.
Thank You

To the mother
who knew her heart was not to give up on her child when they wern’t their best
although she had other ideas, she went to bat for her child when many others wouldn’t
people had other ideas to send her child far away from her when in the end
her goal was to reunite them with their family when they got the proper care they needed
when no one would help her, she pounded the pavement found facilites, toured, and asked questions, got the paperwork, and did all the steps to get her child where he needed to be.
For fighting the odds was what she did. It almost broke up her marriage, but her husband’s goal was also for their child to be in their home again and to be safe around BOTH of them.
That child got the care and came back home some time later.
Thank You

To the mother
Who their child has slapped, kicked and punched until just the last decade
The child still wonders why their mother would love them when their child does this to them, yet does anything for them at the drop of at the hat, the child remains puzzled
But Thank You.

To the mother
who knew her child needed something to do after high school.
The next summer after reuniting, she took her child on a tour of the vocational school
Again, those in charge had grave concern about the child’s attendance
She spent several phone calls, got letters of recommendation, and followed all the protocols
That child graduated high school and she sent them to job training the next month
Then they got accepted for evaluation, the next summer that child got accepted at that school, and they achieved many great things, like learning public transportation, riding intercity rail and shopping and budgeting his money. And you know what, that child had no disciplinary issues at that school, always on the honor roll and graduated top of his class.
Thank You

To the mother
Who never stops fighting for her child. When they battle because they arent happy with their job and want to give up it all. She quickly reminds her child how grateful they should be for what they have for they got things pretty good for themselves and should be thankful.
Thank You

To the mother
Who joined the local weight loss support group in the church basement every week for 13 years ago. She only went because the child wanted to go. Every week the child would complain about going because they gained weight, but the mother made them go and at the end of that meeting, they would both be glad they went. The mother would be leader of that group for a year or so. Plus they would both acquire some pretty good friends there too.
Thank You.

To the mother
Who spends her afternoon after work driving across town to pick up her child at his job
Only to hear him get upset about something they have no control or reason to be upset over
For it ruins their plans, and she takes the child home and they apologize excessively.
She says “don’t worry about it,” for she knows they just needed that time to vent.
Thank You.

To the mother.
Who picks up her child to spend the day with them.
Only to hear negative thoughts from them on how bad their life is.
In reality they have one of the best lives a person with Autism could have.
Yet they are so ungrateful and unthankful.
She leaves them at home, so they can learn, and they did.
Thank You.

To the mother.
Who comes to take down the Christmas Tree.
To find her child’s apartment a mess
Rips the lights of the tree
and storms out.
Makes her child remember how thankful they should be
That child later called her and apologized and in their mind says
Thank You.

To the mother
Who answers the 12th call that day from her child
That tells her their glasses are ready for pickup at the supercenter
And they have only 45 minutes to get them, if they dont, they cant get them until tomorrow
She says she’ll be there in 10 minutes, picks them up and goes and gets them.
They want to eat
She takes them to Wendy’s then home
and they say
Thank You

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