The Coke Can Effect

Recently on Facebook, I seen a post where a picure of a child was pictured laying on the floor underneatht table, it mentioned ADHD and Anxiety, which alot of times go hand in hand with individuals on the spectrum, however it is referred to as the “Coke Can effect” and while the majority of behaviors occured for me decades ago throughout childhood and adolescence, it too occured when I would come home to no one to let me vent when I got home at the end of the day well into my adulthood.

As caregivers may know, individuals within school and work systems are oftentimes bullied, abuse, mistreated and so forth. As for myself I was not told to express my concerns or what or assert for what I felt what I was right, as such I would “bottle it up” until I got home, then I would release all the negative thoughts so much that I would hyperventilate and become overly nauseous.  That I would just want to lay down and relax, let alone the former sleep issues prior to having the proper medications 20 years ago,

While until about five years ago, my mother worked diferent hours that I would be at school or programming, however my father worked the same job for almost 20 years of his life until he retired, as such I had him as a support, but oftentimes I couldnt open up to him for some reason or another, therefore when my mother would come home and usually at the dinner table, I would let the feelings and expressions flow then I would lay low foe some time because It would burn me out especially from school the need to just rest, and if I have a busy day, I still do to this day.

In summary, there are times that indiduals on the spectrum need to take a breather and oftentimes, I use music, we are not ignoring you, we just need a break to regroup and finish our day without making it worse.

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