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Reflections: Counting My Blessings, Two Years Later

Today marks the 25th month of living in my current home. It is something that I continue as I close on the second year of living here. My blessings and gratitudes of having more of my own life as we move into the better future and good times ahead.

I signed the initial paperwork and got the keys for my current home on November 4, 2020, just a few weeks before the world endured another resurgence of the COVID-18 pandemic. While my home didn’t have everything I enjoyed about it like the absence of an elevator, it had other things going for it and the fact that it was not only in my town but also walkable to many places I could get to things on my own was a seller. There were some things that would be more challenging to access, but with advancements of telehealth and other technology it would be able to be more manageable than the past situation.

Through preservation of many things from the first apartment, I was able to save many things while having to get some things replaced. Having my own laundry hookups meant I had to purchase a new washer and dryer, the latter is a gas hookup and as such I decided to buy a new gas dryer and have it hooked up by the appliance store. It took a month until I got both appliances due to backlog of supply and demand at the time but it is something that I continue to be thankful to have as many do not have that available to them, as they may have to go to the laundromat or use a shared laundry, as I had to in the past.

I had to learn new sleep patterns and better get on track with understanding how to navigate life again. Not having continual access to dining as I did in the last home and shortly having a mandated shutdown on indoor dining over the Holiday season in 2020 relied on me having to do more home cooking than I was in the past. Over time, I have cooked more than I did in my life and the food is properly cooked and well tasting. It was also the first time that I did not do the common things such as holiday gatherings, where presents were dropped at the door and we opened them on video.  It was a holiday for the history books, that was for sure. 

I have had less struggles than the first living experience, but it didn’t mean that I struggled with my wellness. It is now to the point where I am finally starting to understand where I need to be with my medicine after struggling for almost 4 years and knowing how essential it is to being well. I also know that I never want it to get as bad as it was when I hit rock bottom, that I need to be thankful for this housing opportunity given to me as it is not always promised to everyone.

I know for now as long as I can, this is going to be my home. It is small, but it is what works for me and I can maintain it properly without any major issues. I have also begun to allow my family to help me as needed and see past the judgment I feared they had about the way I live. I know that it has taken time for them to accept me and the changes I have made as I have moved into my home and I am forever grateful for them and their help as they helped me move twice in just five short months. I am thankful for the day program for teaching me many of the skills that I needed to be independent along with the life lessons that my parents have provided me. It continues to be a journey indeed and I am continually thankful for having a place to finally call my own that is safe, decent and affordable. It may not have all that I want, but it is a place that I can call home and for that i am truly thankful

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