A Journal Entry

The Better Choice

Sometimes, it can be hard to make the better choice.

You know you will be better off if you do it, so it is better to just do it. Everyone benefits from it.

It sometimes means that you must do things that you do not want to. But you know it is the right thing to do.

Anxiety, overthinking, “the scaries” about doing things that are part of the weekly flow sometimes seem too much.

But once I get out the door and into my element, I know that I will be just fine.

I know that I have a plan and a agenda for the day and that I am needed, I guess that is what keeps me sort of on the right track.

For far too long I have isolated myself from following a normal schedule because it made me feel comfortable, easy or confident.

The reality is that I have done what I have needed to do for over a decade. Some things have changed, but the core of it is still the same in many instances.

It is the need to fight my anxiety and just be the adult that many adults do. It is in a sense that I have grown up and gotten better with my life.

Life here at my current home has only been in a pandemic-era and has become too easy to fall into habits that have little merit.

If I am taking care of my mental health, then I am doing what I need to do is to fight isolation and get out into the program or work, not picking or choosing what is convenient for me.

For I am needed, and I know that it is the better choice to fight isolation and do the right thing.

Have a good day followers!

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