A Journal Entry

Moving On and Being the Better Person

For me, there are memories of the past.

Things I would like to erase or not have to face in my life.

But that is no the way that It can be in the present moment. I must face them whether I like it or not.

I have moved on, learned, and grown from my past experiences. They were not what I wanted in life.

I didn’t know anything about what I was getting into or what things were going to be like.

They were learning experiences. They taught me to be more of who I want to be and stand up for myself.

Do what I wanted to do, learn that there was more beyond the scope that I was stuck in.

That there are other ways to be happier and that there are more opportunities out there if I seek them.

That I matter, I am valued and that I can be respected for who I am. I do not have to revert to them.

I can move on. Be the better person. That I deserve better and stand my ground Not give in.

Choosing to have a good day, because I want to make it that, no matter what it takes.

Using the coping strategies, having the sensory bag for when things get tough. I can get through it.

I am strong, smart, kind, important, valued, loved, fierce. I matter and am genuine, all good qualities.

Not back down from what I want to do in life or have. Move on and be the better person.

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