A Journal Entry

Mother’s Day

My mother is my life. My lifeline. My one that I value and consult more than my own self sometimes.

The #1 worrier. Worries if I am doing what I need to survive in this crazy world.

The one who does whatever is needed and takes the crap I sometimes dish out when I am not thinking.

The one who makes the reality of things. The one who advocates fiercely for what I need even when I cannot.

The autism mother. The one that some discount their worth because they don’t think they know.

I am not that way. I know she knows. Sometimes better than I even do. It made me see that the voice of the families of autistic people know.

It is not saying that all mothers have their special child’s place at heart, but many that are fierce are only fighting in the ways they can, so their children have what they need.

Before we were granted the technological advances we have today. My mother did more than many know.

She fought fiercely with the army of professionals with whatever she thought would work, while out working hard and earning a living to keep our household thriving.

She made me more and more who I am because she believed in me, even when I was not kind to her, she saw the potential in me. The good days and the bad. And believe me there was enough bad to make her want to give up, but she never did, even though many times she could have done so.

I honestly do not know if I would be sitting here writing this on Mother’s Day. I honestly do not know if I would have the freedoms that I have today if it had not been for her unwavering support and willingness to fight for what I deserve.

She is my autism mother, and she does whatever it takes to make sure I am thriving and surviving. So If I sympathize with the autism moms out there, you now know why I do.

I would not be nowhere near where I am today, without you, my mother.

I can never thank you enough for the things you have endured for me. Just know that I will be fine.

Because of you, My Mother.

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