A Journal Entry

Make the Best of the Day

There are days that are worse for me than others, then there are days I just don’t know how to make of it.

The bad days show their best at this challenging thing in my brain called anxiety, getting started is rough.

There’s nothing bad about some of the bad days, my brain just holds up the process of what I need to do.

I sometimes think that is how all the things are with the other processes I must go through.

There are things that I procrastinate about doing or know that once I do them, I will be fine.

If there was just a way to tone down the thoughts and override them with letting me know that I’ll be OK.

In fact, most of the things that are new or are challenging to start eventually becoming better in the end.

I am just hesitant to give things that I fear because of them changing or being different, I am often comfortable with things the way that they are and am reluctant to change for the better.

Anxiety drives the fear in me and the only answer I can think of in that moment is running away from what scares me.

This can be every time I feel uncomfortable where I cannot control a situation or know how something is going to go.

I like things to be comfortable for me and knowing that I have a cushion of safety to fall back on if something is uncomfortable or challenging for me.

I know I need to do more to make my life more enjoyable instead of ruminating on things that are small in nature or that I cannot control. I know I must come out of my shell a little bit more and be more honest and happier with myself. I deserve it.

I must continue to see the good in life and not the flaws or things I find challenging. I must learn to make the best of each day.

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